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Red5 is an online shop (with a few actual stores) and they describe their site as ‘the ultimate gadget shop’, which I agree it certainly is. I had the chance recently to have a browse on their site and see what I fancied.

The site is really easy to navigate and the variety of items they have is not just huge, it’s enormous! There are all sorts of gadgety things that are lower cost, perfect for stocking fillers, right up to more expensive things like an action camera.

With the current mason jar trend, I liked the look of the Sun Jar. I thought it would work really well on our outside step, or equally, it could double up as a night light in one of the kid’s rooms.

red5.2 red5.1
There is a solar panel inside that you put to charge and then leave outside or by a window to charge up during daylight. Then switch to Auto and it will glow, the length of time depending on how much sun there has been and how long it was left out for. The solar panel comes completely off if you needed to use the jar for something else. It was easy to work and set up (it even includes a battery which is very helpful at this time of year).

With it being solar powered, you obviously need there to be some sun. Recently we have had a few overcast days and so haven’t had the greatest success in getting it to charge very much. I did get it to light, it just didn’t last for long. So it does work, you just need better weather. I’m thinking it will work best as a night light for the kids, once the spring kicks in.

I like how it looks and that it can double up as just a regular jar if not is use. The cost is £19.95 and I think that is totally reasonable if you were buying it for yourself or equally as a gift for someone this Christmas.


photo from – mine didn’t glow long enough to get a pic (though I did glow, I was just disorganised and didn’t have my camera handy)!

Have you ever bought anything from Red5? They have such a variety, its definitely worth checking them out.

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*I was gifted the item in exchange for an honest review.

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