Redecorating? How to Do It On A Budget

When it comes to life at home, we are all looking for ways to cut our budgets. Whether you have kids or live on your own, there never seems to be enough money to go around. Firstly, there is the rent or the mortgage repayments. Then, there are the gas and electricity bills, and finally there is the food shopping. All of them are essential, and all of them are expensive. Plus, you want your house to look its best because who wants to live in a shabby mess? There are so many Pinterest worthy pictures of homes you see out there that I just want to copy, but my budget isn’t exactly Pinterest worthy. So, to help save yourself some money while you redecorate, here are a few tips that can go a long way.

Throw Colour On The Walls

Wallpaper and coverings can be remarkable costly. For example, if you want to tile your bathroom, you could be looking at a cost of thousands of pounds or more. Obviously, that is not in keeping with decorating on a budget, even though it looks amazing! Although it might not have the same effect, you can use paint as a cheaper alternative. Colour on the walls of your home will add a gloss that helps reflect light and make everything seem brighter and bolder.

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition...

What Do You Have Available?

You are not in a privileged position where you can pick and choose what you like. In fact, you might have to use what you are given in some circumstances. So, before you go and splash out on new furniture and fittings, look at the stuff you don’t use. You would be amazed at how many things you can transform with little effort and money. Maybe you have an old chair or table you don’t like? Easy! Just add a lick of paint or tablecloths that resemble the colour scheme of the house.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Lighting can make or break the style of your home in an instant. The wrong lighting is very uncomplimentary and adds focus to the negatives. The right lighting, however, can add an aspect to your home that didn’t exist before. Do you have small rooms that you wish were bigger, for example? Bright, airy colours and bold lighting reflects the light effectively, which creates the illusion of a big room. Together with the right colour, you could totally transform your home with strategic lighting. The best thing is it won’t break the bank either. Another little tip is to use mirrors wisely. Mirrors also reflect light and have a similar effect.

Take A Risk

The next time you go to your friend’s house, have a look at how conservative their choices are. People like to go conservative because they are afraid of making a mistake. Where you are involved, risk is your friend because risk is cheap. The sofa that someone was going to throw out could be the focal point of your living room. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

The best thing is that there are plenty more ways to decorate on a budget. If you can find out more ways, you could transform the interior of your home on a shoestring!

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  • You’re totally right with the lighting – when we first moved in we couldn’t afford to replaster and the living room walls were none too clever but we painted and hoped for the best.Only realised when we put on the corner floor lamp it highlighting the horrendous lumps and bumps underneath.Ugh x

  • We have so much in common 😉 I am planning to give my daughters room a makeover. The walls were painted white before we moved in however I want to do something special “on a budget” and i’m making a wish list and going to try and find ways to make it nice without spending much cash! Great tips!