Dressing Dad: Mum’s Guide To Help Him Rediscover Passion For Fashion

There’s nothing better than a relationship that ages like a fine wine. Even if you feel more connected to your lover with each passing day, there’s no doubt that most men lose grip of their style and fashion over the years. This is especially true when children come along.

It’s great that he prioritises the happiness of his family. Still, no man should be left casting a shadow of their former fashionista figure. It might not be your job to help him rediscover the joy of perfecting his appearance, but you should make it your responsibility anyway. And here’s how you can!

#1. Start With Clothes For Couples

Wearing matching outfits on a 24/7 basis is enough to make your toes curl. However, there’s nothing wrong with adding attire designed for couples to your wardrobe. It’s fun, it’s cute, and it celebrates your love.   

Not everyone will want to make those statements out in public. Even so, matching bedclothes can be a great starting point. Alternatively, you could opt for t-shirts that show he is a father. If nothing else, it’s the perfect way to get your man back into the swing of having new clothes, and may also open his mind to embracing new ideas.


#2. Help Him Find Comfortable Footwear

Many men fall into the trap of settling for any average pair of shoes. In truth, though, footwear can be the foundation of every outfit they’ll ever wear. Not only is it one of the first things that anybody will ever notice about a person’s attire. It’s also a factor that has a telling influence on a person’s stance and posture.

Wearing the right sized clothing is important in all aspects, especially as your man’s body has probably changed over the years. Nevertheless, ensuring that he wears the right fitting shoes is the most important aspect of all. Your guy is unlikely to have as many pairs as you, but it’s also important that he has a variety ready for business, recreation, and physical activities.   

#3. Appreciate His Body Type

Regarding his attire, size isn’t the only key issue to consider. Shape is an equally important issue and finding trends to complement his will instantly enhance his appearance. Let’s face it; that will inevitably improve his self-confidence too.   

Understanding the impact of wearing stripes, for example, can help you make smarter choices when looking at new outfits. After all, the last thing you want to do is make him feel self-conscious. It’s also worth thinking about varying necklines, and how they can emphasize shoulder and chest muscles. Essentially, those fashion choices need to be tailored to his individual shape. Get this right, and he’ll soon rediscover the rewards of going the extra mile to find the right clothes.

#4. Get Grooming

Clothing isn’t the only key aspect of a man’s appearance. In truth, your man’s facial appearance will have a far greater impact than any individual item ever could. With this in mind, a winning hairstyle should be one of the top items on the agenda. After all, it could take years off of his appearance.

Meanwhile, good beard care and regular skin moisturizing can work wonders for his overall appearance too. Not only will those simple ideas have a direct influence on his look, but it should encourage him to take greater pride too. If that helps his fashion choices evolve too, it can only be a step in the right direction.

#5. Think About Accessories

The average man doesn’t acknowledge the importance of accessories to the same level that the average woman does. However, they can be the secret weapon to help his outfits pop. Moreover, they can often help him gain a better relationship with his style preferences and life passions too.

Buying a cross necklace for men is the perfect example of using those sentiments to his advantage. Not only will it make him look better, but it will reaffirm his connection to his beliefs. This makes it a wonderful gift idea, as do watches and other jewelry pieces. When coupled with the right choice of bags and hats, those subtle touches will have a massive influence on his overall style. And he will love it – even if he doesn’t like to admit it.

#6. Teach The Joys Of A Bargain

Even if your guy isn’t particularly fond of shopping, he will love the feeling of getting a great deal. Seeing value for money sparks an emotional reaction that no human can ignore. It makes us feel smarter, happier, and more accomplished.   

Online shopping has changed the game forever. With coupons and promo codes, you can help your man enjoy his favorite brands at a fraction of the retail price. This will remove his guilt of spending money on himself and will result in his wardrobe boasting better quality clothes too. In turn, this can only increase his style.

#7. Aim For Versatility

As a Dad, your man will find himself in many situations during his life. After all, he is juggling parenthood with work, family, and friends. Therefore, finding outfits that will suit a variety of occasions is one of the most important steps you could ever take.

Smart-casual clothes like polo shirts and jeans can work wonders. This is especially true when those selections can be used during the day and evenings. Ultimately, he’s probably a little too busy and a little too lazy to be changing outfit every few hours. With smart choices that mean he won’t have to, there’s nothing to stop him falling back in love with looking great.

You can’t force your man to suddenly gain a new interest in style. Nevertheless, looking good will bring him huge rewards, and giving him a push in the right direction will serve him well. Just remember that he is no longer the teenager he once was, and help him evolve that wardrobe to reflect his time of life. He’ll probably moan in the short-term, but he’ll definitely thank you in the long run.

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