Sweet Treats When You’re Not Eating Refined Sugar | Lovingearth Raw Chocolate Review

if you read the blog regularly, you will know that I am an a bit of a ‘journey’ to eliminate refined sugar from my life (sorry, cringe at using the word journey haha). As part of my PCOS diagnosis, I have been advised to steer clear from refined sugar and dairy, so for me that was the motivation. Those two things can make the symptoms of PCOS much worse, due to their effects inside the body. So I’m all for the symptoms being eliminated!

As I have looked into it more and more, I have read about people doing the same and it has totally contolled their symptoms, as well as help with regular periods and pregnancy, so here’s hoping 😉


The worst part about being sugar-free is that you really have to be organised. Basically any food that you just grab and go has sugar in it. Even things like wraps, some dried fruit and salad dressings. Tt is so frustrating and annoying being one of those people that has to read the label on everything. So when I was sent over some organic raw chocolate from Australian brand Lovingearth, I was pleased to have some yummy treats for on the go.


They chocolate is raw, meaning no heat has been used; it hasn’t been cooked or processed. It is chocolate in its purest, richest, most essential form. So all of the goodness is kept in. The chocolate is made from cacao and then uses evaporated coconut nectar to make it sweet. Coconut sugar doesn’t have the same affect on blood sugar as refined sugar, so it is the way to go with PCOS. In love!

The Mandarin bar uses orange essential oil for the flavouring. The salted bar uses cashew nuts as well as the coconut nectar and cacao. It was so creamy and delicious. The creamy coconut bar uses the cacao, coconut and coconut nectar. That is all they contain so I was pretty much loving life. They tasted amazing too. So rich and indulgent. But not actually bad for me at all. They were filling too, so they each lasted a little while.

The chocolate bars are suitable for vegans and for those that are gluten free. Some won’t be suitable for nut allergy sufferers.



There are so many more flavours available online, from raspberry to mint as well. Lovingearth have a range of other products too, things like nut butters, cacao products, coconut products and healthy breakfast cereals.

You can buy the products online on their website and also at places like Planet Organic, at the moment as they are quite new to the UK. Buying in bulk makes things a little cheaper. A box of 30 is £23.33 (or you can buy individually, starting from £1.46). It might seem a little more expensive than regular chocolate bars, but for me, it is because the products in them are quality. It would be a bit more of a treat to get for me, though, rather than an ‘everyday’ treat.

If you are serious about going sugar-free then I think they are a great addition. They are the tastiest raw chocolate I have tried, and I have tried a few brands. I’ve even made my own quite a few times. I will certainly buy these again.

Have you heard of the brand? Would you give them a go?


*the bars were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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