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I have had an interest in complementary therapies for quite a while now. When I use to work at Unilever, they had on-site massage and reflexology therapy and as the team and I would manage their bookings, we were offered some tasters every now and then, and I loved them!


When I was approached by jenny, from Tender Touch Reflexology, to have a treatment, I jumped at the chance. Being pregnant, I was especially up for a nice relaxing treatment (and Jenny is qualified in maternity reflexology so I was confident to have the session with her, just as I started my second trimester). Well, as I thought it would be, the session was brilliant.

Jenny, based in Surrey, comes to your home, if you are based in Surrey and Sussex. She brings all she needs with her and makes you feel very relaxed, she is really happy and friendly, all the while acting professionally. She takes you through a health questionnaire to start with, to see if there are any areas she should focus on etc and then on with the treatment. I am quite a tactile person so I really enjoy having my feet massaged / touched, though I imagine some may find it a bit ticklish! It is though, incredibly relaxing and you are made to feel really comfortable. Jenny even brought blankets to make sure you are nice and snuggly and warm during the treatment.

Jenny was talking me through what she was doing, as for those of you that don’t know, reflexology works on the fact that parts of your body are mirrored in your feet. I had forgotten to mention in the pre-screen that I had been suffering with a bit of sciatica recently and she asked me whilst she got to the spine and lower back area ‘have you been having a bit if pain in your lower back?’ – I was amazed! This just shows me that Jenny knows what she is on about and that reflexology really works. It is amazing that you can tell all different things about your health, all from your feet. Jenny told me about how she got into reflexology and it was so interesting to hear all about it. I think when you have seen anything work really well for you, you will forever have an interest in it.

I really enjoyed my treatment and would definitely recommend Tender Touch. If you have never had a reflexology session before, I think it is something that everyone should try at least once – so fascinating.

Jenny’s website is www.tendertouchreflexology.co.uk – I have had a look around and think it looks fab. It suits her personality and really catches your eye. You can contact her on the website or call or text on 07727101640. Like I have said she is also qualified and insured to treat in pregnancy and also goes into care homes to do little treatments.

You can even get 25% off for your first treatment – bargain!


Rebecca x

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* I received a free treatment for the review but all opinions are my own.

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