Reima Activewear for Kids | Review

With the summer holidays nearly here (c’mon Wednesday!) I have been planning out what we are going to do, arranging play dates, and making plans to tick things off our summer bucket list. Six/ seven weeks can sound like a long time, but it does fly by, and I want to make sure that we have plenty of things to do to make it really fun. Here’s hoping the weather lasts too!

I think most children love to be outdoors, if my children are anything to go by at least, so planning lots of things to outdoors is what we will be doing over summer. Bike rides, walks, scooting, and frisbee are super simple things that we can do over summer and the kids love those things too.

What have you got planned first for summer?

If the heatwave that is coming this next week is anything to go by, though, being outdoors in the heat can be a bit tricky with kids. They love it for, like, half an hour, and then it can be too hot for them. Of course, finding things like shade, wearing sunscreen, and keeping hydrated are things that are a must. But the clothing that the kids are wearing can help massively too. Keeping things light and airy makes a huge difference. But there are some materials that are better than others to keep cool with.

We have been sent some items of kids activewear from Scandi Brand Reima, and they have a new Xylitol Cool range for children. The Xylitol Cool range has Xylitol Cool fabric, which is a technology that keeps kids feeling cool and fresh during their summer activities. It is a great way to keep them cool, as it can help temperatures on the skin drop between 1 and 3 degrees, so great for heatwaves, holidays, and for general busyness for kids in summer.

I don’t know about you, but I had heard of Xylitol before, but wasn’t sure where from. It is in fact an edible sweetener found in sweets, chewing gum and toothpaste. But as a result, it is non-toxic and completely safe for children’s skin. Plus, just as Xylitol has a cooling impact with gum and toothpaste, it shows just how much of a cooling impact it can have. It makes it ideal for clothing for children who are super sporty, and are at summer clubs, holiday sport clubs, or just being outdoors over the holidays.

The children were really pleased with their clothing when it arrived. The main selling point for them was that the clothes were super bright, and came in a range of colours. The styles were really trendy too, yet really practical; I am all over a skort, rather than a skirt – much better for being outdoors for little ones. The Xylitol Cool range definitely looks good, but is functional too. And from a parent point of view, it has washed really well too, the clothes dry quickly, and the kids really like them; winning.

I would recommend the Xylitol Cool range from Reima, as they clothes look good, keep the kids cool, and they are really well made. I have been impressed with the quality, and I think that you get value for money with what you get too.

Have you heard of Reima before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the clothing was gifted in exchange for review – all opinions are out own and we’d only recommend something that we could actually purchase ourselves.

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