Relationships: Fairytale Romance vs Reality

Most people have ideas about what they think love should be and how it should feel. However, there are times when our preconceptions might be somewhat skewed, thanks to years of watching fairytale romantic comedy movies and TV shows. As a result, there are times when some people might not recognise the real thing when they’re faced with it. Here are some signs that mean your man is super-smitten with you:


The Way He Looks At You

A man who’s head over heels in love with you will look at you like you’re the most special person on the planet. It’s not a look of lust or physical desire. Instead, it’s that awed look that is often accompanied by a happy little grin he probably doesn’t know he’s making.

You’re His Priority

A man who loves you will make time to be with you as a priority. Sure, it’s likely he’ll have other commitments too, such as work or sport or study, but spending any free time he has with you will be a priority for him. A guy who’s in love isn’t likely to disappear for days on end with no contact at all. Even if he’s truly busy, he’ll take the time to let you know when he’ll be free next.

He Wants You to Be a Part of His Life

When your man is truly in love with you, he’ll want all his friends and family to meet you so they can love you just as much as he does. He’ll try to include you in the things he enjoys or at least introduce you to them, such as his hobbies, passions, favourite movies and past-times so you can be a part of his bigger picture with him.

He Accepts All of You

When a man falls in love with you, he’s not just in love with the way you look. He’s really, deeply in love with all the things about you.

He’ll pay attention to the way you interact with other people and he’ll even notice how others react when they’re around you. He’ll take notice of the way you express yourself and pay attention to the things that make you laugh – or cry.

Making You Happy Makes Him Happy

A man in love may feel as though your happiness is just as important to him as his own. What makes a man want to make you happy? If he notices that something he says or does makes you unhappy, he’ll try to avoid doing those things. He should also take the time to learn what things he does that make you happy and make an effort to keep doing those things.

He Lets You Know He’s Thinking of You

Men may not always be as vocal about their feelings as women would like, but he may be doing a lot of little things that should let you know he’s thinking about you.

He might send you funny images or memes that he thinks you’ll appreciate. He’ll keep you informed about important things and try to keep you in the loop with what his schedule is like until he can be there to spend time with you next.

His Actions Say He’s Committed to Making it Work

When a man loves someone, he’ll find ways to commit to making it work and his actions will reflect it. Even if he hasn’t come right out and said he loves you yet, chances are you’ll feel like he loves you because of his actions and the way he treats you.

Are You Missing Some of the Signs?

An article on Vixen Daily points out that men often show their love in different ways than you might expect. Most people tend to show love in the same way they like to receive it. If you’ve been trying to show your man how much you love him with loving, tender words, chances are you’re waiting for him to show his love in the same way.

In reality, he may be the type of guy who strives to show you exactly how much you mean to him by kind, thoughtful actions or by gentle touch. He might even be waiting for you to return your feelings of love in the same way he’s trying to express them.

Sit back and think about the different ways you each express love. Then make sure you’re not missing any of the signs he’s trying to show you. When it comes right down to it, when a guy loves you, you’ll just know. His words and his actions should make it crystal clear what he’s feeling, even before he says it. When he loves you, it will be obvious to you and to everyone you know.

*Contributed Post by Callum Quinn. He is known as the Lurve Doctor by his friends, his proper title being a relationship psychologist so they’re not far off the mark! He shares his thoughts online, writing articles for a selection of relationship/dating and lifestyle blogs as well as occasionally sharing his knowledge in talks.

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