6 Ways To Relax and Reduce Stress After Work

Did you know that the typical working adult has seven hours of spare time a day? The reality, of course, is a different matter, and It doesn’t always feel like we have time to spare in our hectic lives. It quite often feels like all we do is work, and when we’re not in the office, we’re taking phone calls on the commute, or replying to emails from home. This way of life interferes with our spare time, giving us around four hours if we’re lucky. Our manic lifestyles leave us with no time for relaxation, hobbies or ‘me time’.

When you get back from work in the evenings, how do you really wind down? (Slouching on the couch is fine, but not if your wandering hands will be checking emails on the sly.) Whether it’s Xbox therapy or Netflix binging, we all scroll on our phones until we fall asleep, right?

Have you ever tried doing something different with your evening routine? Here are some stress killers to distract the mind and body from the day you might’ve had:

  • How about finding a new hobby? Hobbies may help reduce workplace stress. Research has shown that after-hours hobbies may be another way to decrease anxiety, reduce stress, alleviate high blood pressure and stimulate creativity in workers.
    • Instead of scrolling aimlessly, try something more thrilling and worthwhile in your de-stressing hours – like online gaming. Playing video games can relieve stress, reduce depression, and make you feel better. If video games aren’t a regular part of your life right now, adding a bit of game-playing time to your schedule could really improve your mental health in many surprising ways.
    • Online bingo or visiting an Online Casino is a fast growing community that offers a fun hobby for you to get stuck into. Whether you’re a first time bingo player, or a seasoned pro, Boomtown Bingo could be the virtual place to unwind. Oh, and win some money while you’re at it!
  • Having a social life will benefit your mental and physical health, and could even lower your risk of dementia. So coffee and cake are pretty much mandatory, and date nights essential to the winding down process.
  • Exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins. However, after a long day, you may not have the energy for intense exercise, so why not just go for a walk? Being outside and at one with nature is also proven to reduce stress.
  • Go for a massage, or better, have your partner to give you a massage. Physical touch releases oxytocin, other wise known as ‘the love hormone’. Basic warm touch calms stress, can Improve one’s immune system and decrease chances of cardiovascular disease.
  • Take a deep breath; deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Use your spare time wisely, and teach your body some breathing techniques.
  • Take a day off… you can, you know!

We had the perfect work/life balance back in 1995, why not now? Use your free hours effectively by finding the perfect hobby for you.

Rebecca x

*collaborative post

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