Returning to Work

Some of you may or may not have known that I worked in health and fitness management before having a family. I really, really enjoyed it but unfortunately the hours are a little bit awkward in terms of childcare, and with a hubby that works long hours and has a long commute, it just wouldn’t work. So that has all taken a back seat for now.

With Chloe now 7 months I have felt like I need something ‘for me’, other than blogging. Though blogging is something that I love, I think I needed something that would take me physically out of the house haha.

I’m very lucky in that financially I don’t need to be back at work but doing a little something has been really good for me. Plus, a little extra cash for things like holidays is always helpful. So, I’m back at work.

Though it is only part time.

Only working around hubby’s availability.

In retail management.

But still..

I thought I would see going to work each week as more of a chore but heaven forbid, I am actually enjoying it. Though I do really love being at home with the kids, it is  nice to just do something a little different for 14 hours of the week and actually have a dinner break!

I’m learning a lot and it is helping me to be a lot more organised to make sure everything is ready and in place to do a ‘shift hand over’ with the hubby, who has been so supportive about it. It probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to most people but I’m really proud of myself for getting back into the ‘game’ and being promoted to a higher position than I applied for – does wonders for this mama’s self esteem!

I definitely don’t feel ready or able to put the kids into day nursery so part time around hubby’s hours it is, but it works for us. I’m in awe of women that fit it all in so effortlessly.

First shift as Duty Manager – eeek! On a side note – why does wearing a plait instantly make you look like a child??

Are you a working mum? How do you manage it all?

Rebecca x

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