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If you are anything like me then you will love a warm cup of tea in your life. Well, I say tea, but I am someone who chooses herbal and fruit infusions instead. Curling up with a warm tea/infusion, whatever the weather, is amazing for me. So what is going to be better than being able to get tea delivered right to your door?

Blue Tea Box

So what is Blue Tea Box? They are a subscription box-based model, where you get sent a box as often as you would like, and you can discover rare and single-origin loose-leaf teas from all over the world. i think it is a really novel idea, as I haven’t seen anything like this before, and I like that you set your preferences, and then it goes from there. So you can really find new flavours that you might not have tried before. The teas are ethically sourced, hand-packed, fresh, and get packed into a box that will fit right through your letterbox.

As has been mentioned, I am a herbal and fruit infusion drinker, and I have tried a few variations in my time. I do find it hard to find many brands that do loose ‘leaf’ infusions, so this was really refreshing to have. You will need a proper tea pot for this kind of thing, of course, or a tea strainer, so it is worth bearing in mind if you normally just use tea bags. I do like loose teas though, and think it is really novel; they taste great too and reduces waste.

I really liked how each package is clearly labelled with the natural ingredients, as well as how to best enjoy this. I normally just wait for the tea to cool down, but knowing the exact length of time to get the perfect brew is really handy (it is definitely longer than you think when it comes to infusions). It is good to know that the water doesn’t need to be boiling either, depending on what tea you get sent.

The herbal and fruit teas that I have been sent all smelt amazing, first of all. They were all fresh and tasted good enough to eat. But of course, the proof in the pudding, is in the eating, so to speak. So it is all about how good it tastes in hot water. I was so impressed with the flavours. They were full of flavour, tasted fresh, and weren’t too weak and watery, which I dislike. I like to have a drink, rather than just have slightly flavoured water, although if that is your preference, then you could just add less of the loose tea to your teapot.

I think the only drawback with this, is that there could be some teas that get delivered to you that you are not keen on. So I would recommend being very clear with your tastes when making your order. If you don’t like ginger or don’t like green tea, as examples, make sure that you state that so that you’re not disappointed. You can be specific with allergies and dietary requirements, so make that clear when you make your order too.

I think that the idea of a subscription is really fun, as it is a great way to try something new. For this reason, I think it would make a great gift too, whether as a one-off or as a regular subscription for your recipient. I also like that you can set the frequency, as some tea lovers may find that once a month isn’t often enough for them, but if you’re doing it as a gift, then every six weeks could work. The flexibility is great!

Subscription details

  • One 75g bag of loose tea delievered is £6.99, which can make up to 60 cups
  • Three 45g bags of loose tea delivered is £12.99, which makes up to 108 cups
  • Delivery is free in the UK

If you are someone that loves tea, or is looking for a gift idea, then I think this is a really nice idea. It is something little more fancy than regular tea, so could work well for a special occasion. I think the prices are really reasonable, as you get quite a lot for your money.

Is this something that you think that you’d like to try? If so, you can use the code AAUB3 to get £3 off your order. Plus, there is a giveaway over on my Instagram page to win a box delivered right to your door!

*this is a collaborative post, but all opinions remain my own.

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