Dopamine Dressing: Dylon Colour Catcher

A big trend I am seeing in social media right now is all about Dopamine Dressing. This is where you dress in clothes that help to lift your mood. Let’s face it, with the summer we have been having, getting all of the joy we can from bright clothes is a must!

Keeping clothes nice and bright and be tricky though, especially if you aren’t washing them in the right way. Here are some tips to help you to keep your clothes bright and to help them to last for longer.

Check The Garment’s Washing Symbols

Different fabrics wash in different ways and knowing what to do for each will help to keep them looking their best for longer. There are some items that might need to be hand washed. There are some that are best washed on a cold temperature. By checking the labels and following them, you’ll stand a better chance of keeping them looking their best for longer.

Use Dylon Colour Catcher

Clothes that are bright in colour can become dull over time. This can happen when colour leaches out of the clothes, and then goes into other items of clothing in the washing cycle. In order to stop this happening, using a Dylon Colour Catcher in the machine with every load is a must. I was honestly not convinced they were going to do anything. But as someone that washes most colours together, I have honestly seen a difference.

How it works is that the sheet traps any dyes from the water before they have the chance to go onto other clothes in the wash. As someone that bungs all laundry in at the same time (on a cold wash), it means whites can go in with other colours. Honestly, amazing stuff. They are available at supermarkets and home stores, and when they’re only a few pounds, they’re worth stocking up on.

Turn Your New Clothes Inside Out

If you have new items of clothing, especially something like jeans, then they can have some residual dye that can transfer to other clothing when first washed, altering the colour of the other clothes and dulling them down. By turning clothes inside out when they’re washed, it reduces the chance of these dues transferring.

Wash On Cold

This is something I have been doing for a while now, but it is honestly the best choice. Hot water can really alter colour in the laundry. If things have major stains then it can help, but for a general wash, cold water works fine. Laundry detergents are made for cold water too these days as it’s more eco-friendly too.

Take your Clothes Out the Machine Straight Away

If your clothes sit in the dryer washing machine for too long, then the dyes are more likely to run into each other, which can lead to more dull fabrics. So what is best to do to avoid this, is to take them out as soon as possible and hang them up quickly.

Air Dry Your Laundry

Tumble drying your clothes can cause colours to fade so make the most of the nice weather (if you can) and dry your clothes in the fresh air. Be aware that direct sunlight can also cause fading though, so place your washing line in the shade if possible.

What are some of your top tricks to help your clothes looking good? It would be great to hear what you think.

*this is a collaborative post

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  • Dopamine Dressing is such a fun and mood-lifting trend, and I totally agree with your tips on keeping those bright and cheerful clothes looking their best! Checking washing symbols and using Dylon Colour Catcher sheets are game-changers for maintaining vibrant colors. I also find washing on cold and taking clothes out of the machine promptly so important. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips for keeping our wardrobes as bright as our moods!