Review: Earth Breeze Natural Laundry Sheets

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will be fully aware just how much we need to be more mindful of the things that we use in our homes and the products that we choose to use. I have been making a number of changes in the products I choose to buy over the past few years, from bamboo toothbrushes to plastic-free water bottles.

One thing that you might not have even thought of needing to change in your home is the laundry detergent that you use. So many of the brands that are out there come in plastic bottles, wrapped in plastic film, and even contain a lot of plastic in the pods or detergent themselves, which can be harmful for aquatic life, as well as damage our washing machines. A new alternative that I have been using recently is Earth Breeze, a brand of eco-friendly laundry detergent that contains no plastic at all. I was a little skeptic all at first, not going to lie, but was up for giving the laundry sheets a try.

First Impressions

One of the things I was first struck by is just how easy to store the laundry sheets are. Compared to chunky plastic bottles or plastic tubs full of pods, they are so much much slimmer and smaller, that they could be stored much more easily under the sink or in a drawer, wherever would suit best for you. The fact that there is no plastic in the packaging is very impressive too.

Using the laundry sheets

I was intrigued to see how these work, and you simply put the laundry sheets in the drawer, where you would normally put some liquid laundry detergent, and they are used in that way (unless you have a top loading washing machine where you’d put the sheets straight into the washing machine drum). You just fold up how many you need, but one sheet has been fine for me, unless there is a muddy football kit to wash – in that case I use two sheets.

The sheets that I have been using are the scented ones, but even so, the scent is subtle and not overpowering. I found no problem with the scent or with how well the sheets clean the laundry. I was concerned that they might it work well on a cold wash, as I wash my laundry on cold, but they worked well just fine in cold (and they’d work well on a hot wash too).

Sensitive skin

Although we don’t have any particular skin allergies in our household, I’m always concerned when trying something new like laundry detergent. We haven’t had any problems with using Earth Breeze on our skin, and the brand themselves have made the laundry sheets with sensitive skin in mind. So I’d definitely say give it a try, it has been gentle for us.

Value for money?

The cost of one pack of laundry sheets, that is enough for 40 loads of washing, is £15 of you buy as a one-off purchase. This is around 37p per sheet, per wash. You do get free shipping too, which is good news. I don’t think this is too bad of a price. However, to make it even more cost efficient and value for money, you can subscribe for a delivery each month or couple of months, for only £9. This makes it 22p per laundry sheet per wash, which is even better value for money.

About Earth Breeze

I have been impressed by Earth Breeze as a brand, as they strive to be carbon neutral. With the lightweight laundry sheets being posted out, they save a lot of fuel compared to chunky plastic bottles of detergent. They also donate to Chadians communities, planting trees, and donating meals. They reduce how much waste their customers have, and with vegan products, are song their but for the environment.

I have definitely been impressed with Earth Breeze and had no problems using them for our laundry. I will be happy to continue doing so in the future too. Click here to try them for yourself:

Have you ever heard of Earth Breeze before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*this is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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