Review: Geomag Magicube

Although it is technically the baby’s second Christmas, he basically slept through all of his first Christmas as he was only a week old at the time, so it’s practically like a first Christmas. Mason will be able to enjoy the food, the sights, and the sounds of the season (can’t wait for him to see Father Christmas, although I fear he will scream the place down). I have been thinking about the best toys for little ones, whether it is for Christmas or a first birthday (as that is obviously coming up soon too). 

I like toys that serve a purpose and that aren’t just pointless. Toys that do have some educational value or help to develop skills like fine motor skills are best, especially at the age of one when they soak so much in and learn so much. Geomag is something that we have used a lot with the older children, so I was really pleased to see that there is an option for younger children. The Geomag Magicube is suitable for children aged one to five, so it is an ideal first Christmas or birthday gift, and ideal for those EYFS years.

Geomag Magicubes

With Magicubes cubes, little ones get to use their imagination. They can also get to grips with magnetism and explore all of that world as it would be quite fun to play with and ‘stick’ pieces together. Alongside this, there is the world of construction, so it is an early introduction to all things STEM. The cubes can be put together in many different combinations and give little ones the opportunity to start developing their manual skills, as well as gross and fine motor skills. Obviously, the older the child is that is using it, the more creative they can be with their construction and the things they create and build, as the set really creates limitless opportunities for construction and play. 

Mason is nearly one, but he played with this for a while. I liked that it isn’t like regular blocks that can topple and fall off each other. As they are magnetic, it is much easier for little ones to play with as they can’t just knock it all over as they move around. Thai is a big selling point for me too, as it does make for an easier clean up 😉

The set is well made with quality materials, which is 100% recycled plastic. This is great to see, and what you’d come to expect from a great brand like Geomag. It isn’t just another plastic junk toy, but it is one that is sustainable.

The Geomag Magicube set is available from Amazon, currently £33.61. This might be a little more than you might spend on an individual gift, as I know it is for me. However, the opportunities are limitless and as it is an introduction to STEM and construction, it is a good learning toy. I like that it is well made and of good quality, so if it is within your budget, then I’d definitely say that it is worth the money. It is the kind of toy that will last and last.

Have you heard of Geomag before? Would you add it to your Christmas list for your little one? It would be great to hear what you think.

*This was gifted in exchange for review – all words and opinions are my own.

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