Review: Hybrid Mattress from Origin

We moved into our new home nearly six months ago, which has just flown! We are lucky to have so much more space in this house, including a spare bedroom. Having a spare room has been great, as we have family that all live quite far away. Now that they can come to stay in an actual bedroom, rather than squashing up on sofas, is great. 

My mum sourced us a new bed frame for our spare bedroom, but we still needed a mattress for it (as well as painting and decorating the spare room – who thought that bright red curtains and purple walls were a good look?! But that is a story for another day…). Having a spare bed has been brilliant – if I’m up early and the husband is going to bed late, it means we don’t have to wake each other up, which is great. So when we were sent an award-winning Origin Hybrid Mattress to try out, it was perfect timing! We had just the bed for it.

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Origin Hybrid Mattress

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has special springs at the base and then 6 layers of other materials above. This makes it an amazing choice for getting a comfortable night’s sleep. The layers help for relief on pressure points, layers help with orthopaedic support, and can even help with moisture regulation, with a cooling layer on the top; if we ever get some warm weather, this will be ideal. 

Buying a mattress online can feel a little daunting; I totally get it. But gone are the days of spending your weekends going to try mattresses in a shop. It is all about online now. The thing is, there are so many options out there. I’m sure you have heard of a few of them – how do you know which to choose? One thing that I thought was great about Origin, was that Origin mattresses come with a 15 year warranty, and a no-risk sleep trial of 200 days. So you can get plenty of sleep in with your mattress to test it out. No risk is great, so if you don’t like (which I would find hard to believe), you can still get your money back. This is wonderful peace of mind and over and above what the competitors out there have. The factory where the mattress is made, is also practically zero-waste, which is great to hear; it all helps. The brand sounded great to me, and definitely impressed me from the get-go.

Delivery and Installation of the Mattress

The delivery of the mattress was quick and efficient. The delivery team kept me updated along the way, which was great. In my mind it was coming just like a big mattress does, ready to use, so I was clearing way on the stairs to make way for a king size mattress to get up there! But luckily, it came boxed up, making it simple and easy to get it to the right room. It was in a cardboard box, which when opened, could see how tightly coiled it was. There was some plastic wrap to cut through, and then when it gets to a certain point, the mattress just springs to life and makes the installation process quick and easy. I would definitely recommend opening it on the bed that you are going to use, because you won’t want to move it very far. 

The mattress wasn’t quite ‘sprung’ when all of the packaging was off, and it still had some bumps from where it had been coiled up. So you are meant to leave it for a little while to decompress before using it. Before we knew it, it was smooth and fully sprung, ready to use. It looked good and it got a big thumbs up from the bounce test from the kids (not sure that you should do this with a brand new mattress, but they did, it survived, and all fine in the end haha).

Testing the Mattress

The first night I decided to sleep in the spare room to be able to test it out and see if the mattress was comfortable. It was lovely and comfortable and I slept well. A couple of days later my parents were coming over to stay for two days, so the mattress was going to get another review. They both gave it a big thumbs up and said how comfortable it was. I know some people can be a bit funny and want memory-foam, which this isn’t, but I honestly don’t really like memory-foam (can feel too firm for me), and think that the Origin mattress is a great hybrid option. 

The quality of the mattress is great. You can tell that it is made from quality materials. The mattress is solid, but still has some bounce. The firmness is just as I like on a mattress; I don’t like rolling into the middle of the bed when there are two of you sharing because the mattress is too soft! It definitely gets a big thumbs up from me. And with a 200 day sleep trail, being able to get a refund if you’re not happy, what is not to love? Definitely worth a go.

The price point is lower than competitors, the mattress is thicker, and you can also pay in interest-free instalments. It is a great solution for anyone looking for a new mattress. 

Have you heard of Origin Mattresses? I hadn’t until now, but will look to them when all of our others in the house need to be replaced. It would be great to hear what you think.

*I received an Origin Hybrid Mattress for the purposes of writing this review. All opinions are my own and I would only recommend something that I would be happy to pay for myself.

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