Review: Jeans from Land’s End

Searching for jeans is one of the trickiest things. I find that my size varies from store to store, and I am quite fussy about how the jeans fit around my waist, especially after a third c-section (I am all about a high waist, but one that fits just right, if you know what I mean). Finding my style again after having a baby has been tough, especially with some weight gain and just general mum-tum overhang. I am also 5ft 9” so I am quite particular about the length of jeans and where they fit on me. I can’t go for a bootleg jean and then they finish half-way up my ankle, as that would just look ridiculous.

I generally shop online for my clothes, and came across Lands’ End jeans recently, to see if I could find a pair of their jeans that would fit me. No matter what Gen Z are saying, I think I am skinny jeans for life, so I had to choose the High Waisted Slim Ankle Jeans. High waist? Check. Slim/ skinny leg? Check. Are they going to be all that they are cracked up to be when they’re priced at £70?

Lands’ End Jeans

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging that the jeans come in. They arrived in a lovely blue and white box, tied with a bow, which is very on brand. Looked good and was fun to open too. I chose the high waisted jeans, and although they are available in several colours, I chose the darkest blue/ indigo colour, as I have plenty of black jeans and enough lighter blue denim jeans. I was really pleased when I opened the box.

When I lifted the jeans out of the box, I thought that they looked tiny! But the good news is that there is a little bit of stretch to them (not loads) and I could slip them on easily. The zip fastening and button were simple to do, and I have been really pleased with the fit of the jeans, especially how high the waist is and the fact that the jeans finish on my ankle exactly where I want them too. Works well with ankle boots at this time of the year, as well as wearing trainers with them (I like to have a little bit of a gap between my jeans and trainers). I am quite fussy with jeans, if you hadn’t already discovered that.

The jeans are well made, quality materials, and fit well. 

They are comfortable, but without the ‘stretch’ or ‘gape’ that comes with some brands when you’ve worn their jeans a couple of times. They are also not too rigid and solid denim that you can’t bend into them easily. There is no need to ‘wear them in;’ just what I need with a little one around. The jeans are made from a soft, stretch denim knit material, which makes them really comfortable to wear. There are belt loops should you choose to wear a belt, and there’s space to tuck in tops and shirts if you’d rather. 

There is a big range of jeans to choose from at Lands’ End. They have lots of different styles from skinny to flared, available in different colours and plus sizes too. It is a brand that I will definitely not forget about and be looking at when it comes to getting a new pair of jeans. 

Just a note, is that the fit is probably a little on the smaller side, so if you are in between sizes, then I would size up.

Have you heard of Lands’ End before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the jeans were gifted in exchange for an honest review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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