Review: Jump In Adventure Park in Esher, Surrey

Since becoming a parent, I’m always on the look out for new things that we can do together as a family. Where we live, in Surrey, there are a number of woodland walks and National Trust sites to visit, but sometimes you need something else to do that is more aimed at the children and not just ‘another walk,’ as the kids keep saying!

One of the top things that my children love to do is go to a trampoline park. There aren’t too many close to us, having had to make our way over to Guildford or to Bluewater in the past. But there is a brand new adventure park that has opened up closer to us in Esher, one of the Jump In adventure parks. There are Jump In parks several across the country so it is good news to have one closer to us now. Even better that is a brand new site, just opened before Christmas!

Jump In Esher

Jump In Esher is brilliant! When you first arrive, with the park being located on a business park out of town, there is plenty of parking. This is something that is really appealing right from the start. When you walk in, the checking in process is really simple (as you need to have booked online in advance and watched a safety video before you arrive). There are plenty of tables and places to sit of the whole family isn’t going for a bounce. The adventure park is bright and colourful, and we were all really struck but just how good it looked and pleased with the set up of it.

The adventure park itself has a few different things that you can try. There are a range of trampolines, as well as inflatables, climbing walls, foam pit, battle beam, wipeout area, tumble track and a big airbag with an extreme slide! So there is more than just trampolines which for me, puts it over and above competitor adventure parks. Some of the areas, like the Click and Climb area, needs to be booked separately to the main trampoline area, but on the whole, as there is a range of things to enjoy, you get value for money with the open jump price.

Value for money

An open jump for one hour is £13.50, for jumpers aged four years old and over. When you think of a whole hour, it is quite a long time, and as it is something physical, you may not need more than that time anyway, although you can pay for 1.5 hour sessions as well as two hour sessions (priced at £19.70). An hour in the Clip and Climb would be £14.95. For what you get I don’t think that these prices are that bad at all. Money well spent for something to do with the children at the weekends (or after school for an even more reduced price).

Food and Drink

Once you’ve had a bounce, it can be thirsty work, so it is great that there is a cafe to get food and drink from. Even if you’re sat watching the children you can sit and enjoy something to eat or drink which is always nice!

I really liked that you can order food straight from the table, as each table has a number and a QR code so you can scan it and get taken straight to the website to order. This was quick and simple to do and then the food and drink was brought straight to us. Of course, it was things like hot dogs and pizzas, but we all enjoyed it and the children especially enjoyed the (sugar-free) slushies; yum!

All in all, I can’t fault the place! It was a great way to spend some time, and my son was pleased to see the Chelsea football manager there with his family for some of the time too! It is well laid out, there is a lot to enjoy, and it is fun for everyone.

Have you been to a Jump In adventure park before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*we were offered free tickets and food in exchange for this post. All words and opinions are my own and I would only recommend something that I would be happy to pay for ourselves.

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