Review: Katto Japanese Chef’s Knife

When you’re cooking, there isn’t much worse than a blunt knife. I remember being away on a self-catering holiday and the knives were so blunt; it made cutting something like an onion really difficult! A good set of kitchen knives are a must, as any chef will tell you. 

Katto has an amazing range of chef’s knives, which are handmade in the UK, but made from a Japanese steel blade and wooden handle. Not only do they look amazing and really striking (making them a fabulous gift), but they work like a treat too.

Katto Knives

The knives themselves are made with Japanese steel blades, as mentioned, along with a solid and chunky wooden handle, made from sustainable wood. Katto is all about creativity, and promoting that handmade knives, when made with extra care and attention, bring much more balance and look that little bit more special. I definitely agree! Not only that, but because of the nature of them being handmade, no two knives are the same. This is a good unique selling point, and as has been mentioned, makes them be a great gift for a loved one, as it is something unique, different, and one-of-a-kind.

The knives may all look slightly different, but they are still tested to the same standards. From being designed in-house, and then being tested by hand, they are then sent out to be sold. The fact that it is a company that was started in the UK and that they are made and tested in the UK is a really good feature. In an era when we need to think more about where the products in our lives come from, choosing products that don’t have thousands of air miles attached to them, and that use sustainable materials, is important.

With that in mind, it is easy to see why it has the price tag that it does. This chef’s knife in this style, has a starting cost of £100. If you want a leather cover, then that is an additional £15, and if you want it engraved (I don’t have this, but it does look good), then it is an additional £15. I do think that the price reflects the quality of the knife as it is super solid and you can tell that it is well made. The materials are definitely of a good quality too, hence the price tag. It is a completely unique piece that will last and last, so if it is in your budget, then I do think that it is worth it.

This knife is just one of many that you can choose from, as they sell a few different designs. 

How do you look after the Katto Chef Knife?

Given the price tag of the knife, you won’t want to do anything to damage it! The good news is that it is really easy to care for. Just clean it in warm soapy water and then simply dry it with a cloth. The scabbard (cover) is also helpful to keep it from being bashed in a drawer and will protect the blade. Some oil rubbed on the blade from time to time can also help to prevent oxidation.

How do you keep the knife sharp?

Although the knife comes to you razor-sharp, over time it will naturally become more blunt. Katto themselves recommend sharpening the knife with a Japanese whetstone. The good news is that Katto also offers a free knife sharpening service! More details of this are on their website.

I have really enjoyed getting to grips with this knife. It is simple and easy to use, easily slicing through things, and it also looks so good! It is a must for any budding chef in the kitchen.

*The knife was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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