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I have dabbled with yoga for a number of years now, and until recently, haven’t found too much time to practice as much as I would like. It is something that I feel needs to be done for more than just fifteen or twenty minutes, so having a spare hour or 45 minutes was hard to find until recently. With the lockdown, I have had a little more time on my hands, as life has slowed down somewhat.

I haven’t found a local place for yoga that I like. So other than yoga retreats that I have been on, I have been using online classes or YouTube for my yoga practice. I was approached by Katy Flower Yoga to see if I wanted to try out her online classes, which was perfect timing with lockdown.

I first came across Katy Flower Yoga after we took part in some family yoga sessions as part of a Great British Camp Out virtual family festival and the classes were great. And then it went from there!

What does Katy Flower Yoga offer?

For £20 a month, you get access to a member’s area on her website, where you can watch live classes (via Zoom), or catch up with her pre-recorded sessions. There are two live practices a week, and four other practices a week, so you have the potential for five yoga practices as week, and on meditation session.

There are classes for all levels too. There is a beginners / improvers class, as well as others to choose from. The recordings that I have been doing over the past few weeks, have Katy offering alternatives, and the use of yoga blocks and straps, in order to help you to get to your potential, whatever that is.

So as you can see, there is plenty of variety to choose from, and there are regular updates each week, so you can see brand new practices each week. It isn’t a case of just putting some one there once and then leaving it. This is great and really appeals to me. I really like how you can dip in and out of it all, and work it around my life.

The website itself is really simple to use, and neatly and cleanly designed. It is easy to navigate and find where you want to be. The studio / room that Katy uses is so bright, and really helps to get you in the zone for your practice.

Katy’s instruction is clear, informative, and calm. She really talks you through things, and does so often enough that you don’t have to really think about what you are doing. The instruction to take a breath or breathe out comes just when you need it, as well as what to do next, and what the next move or pose will be. You’re not just left hanging, so to speak.

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Value for money

For what you get for £20 per month, with no contract, is amazing value. Even if you did one class a week, it works out at £5 per class, which is similar (if not a lot less) than you’d pay for a yoga class anywhere else. If you did two classes a week, then it is the equivalent of £2.50 per class, and so on. From that point of view, I am so impressed with the value for money.

I also think that the practice you get is quality, so from that point of view, you get value for money from that angle too. It is definitely worth doing – I couldn’t recommend Katy Flower Yoga for online yoga classes enough.

I am interested to see how the health and fitness industry changes because of recent times. But for me, being able to long on online is so helpful, so I can make regular practice part of my lifestyle, but it can fit in around my life.

Have you tried an online yoga class before? If you’re interested in it, I could definitely recommend Katy Flower Yoga.

*I have been gifted an online membership to Katy Flower Yoga,
however, all words and opinions are my own.

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