Review of LIFE Mobile Sim Contract

When I had an email from LIFE Mobile come through, I’ll be honest in that I had never heard of them in my life. After looking into it, I saw that they are a subsidiary of EE, which I haveLIFE-Mobile had plenty of experience with in the past (our broadband is currently with EE). I haven’t had any issues with EE before, so I thought it sounded like a good company to try out.

It was pretty perfect timing too. Mr U has had the same phone for about three years now. He had it on a contract to start with, then obviously paid the phone off. Since then he has just been using a sim only contract. So when we were sent over a Samsung Galaxy S6 and the maxi sim only contract from LIFE Mobile, it meant a treat for the husband.

The maxi tariff includes:

  • 4000 UK minutes
  • 5000 UK texts
  • 4GB UK data

The price for the tarrif each month is £13.95. I think that it is totally reasonable, especially if you already have a phone to use the sim in. So if you are looking to save some money each month, this could be a good route to go down. The cheapest tariff they have is £4.95 a month. It obviously includes less minutes, texts and data, but might work for you. It would be such a bargain.



What We Liked About LIFE Mobile:

  • I liked how much data you got for the monthly tariff. My husband commutes to London four days a week. So if he can’t get any wifi, it is so handy for him to be able to watch a film or search the internet. So far it has been working out really well for him.
  • It was good that you can cap the contracts. So if you were to go over your data or minutes, for example, you can set how much you’ll let yourself go over by. They set it at £5 as standard. But you can reduce that amount, or equally increase it. It is nice knowing that you won’t overspend on your phone each month.
  • The coverage was brilliant. We had no problems using the sim card or getting signal. It comes up as EE on your phones screen, so if you can get EE signal where you live, LIFE will work for you too. You can check on they website about the coverage before you buy, though.
  • If you did want to cancel your contract, you just have to give 30 days notice. I think that is reasonable and they don’t make you jump through hoops (much better than others I have encountered).
  • The fact that it is a sim contract is great. We had my old iPhone in the house and I have put the LIFE sim in it from time to time. I personally have a low data allowance on my new phone’s contract. So without leaving my husband without a phone, I have been able to use the data on the sim, on occasions when I am out of it on my contract.

All in all we are really pleased with the contract. The service has been great and can’t find anything to fault it. I would recommend getting a sim only contract with LIFE mobile, if you’re looking for a new contract. Have you ever heard of LIFE mobile before?


*the phone and contract were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own (or my husband’s)!

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