Review: Naturecan Hemp Range

I have been someone who uses CBD oil for a while now, and have found it a genuine help for various things, but particularly with anxiousness and anxiety. It has been a natural calm for me; the hemp plant really is a wonder! I haven’t had much experience with other CBD products like creams and moisturisers, so I was intrigued to see how they would work for me.

I have recently been introduced to Naturecan, a UK-based CBD supplement company, selling all things CBD. The ingredients for their products are all grown in the USA, and then they filter out any unnatural substances, so no chemicals, preservatives, or THC (the addictive ‘high’ bit) in sight. The range that Naturecan has is really impressive, from oils, to beauty products, balms, and snacks. All with CBD, which is pretty much like a superfood, in my opinion.


As has been mentioned, I have used CBD oil for a while now, although not all CBD oils are created equal. The concentration will differ, and you do need to get to grips with what works for you. Some people will only need a few drops to see the effects, but for others, more will be needed (I just put the drops under my tongue and swill it around for a little while before swallowing).

As it is ingested, the oil does have to be a good quality, as well as tasting good. Some CBD oils can be quite strong and ‘earthy’ tasting, and while they work, can be hard to get the taste away. I have used peppermint-infused CBD oil before, but this one from Naturacan is spearmint, and it is the best one I have used before. The flavour is great, and it hardly tastes like CBD at all, which I think is great, especially for people that are new to taking CBD oil.

As far as the CBD oil works, this is just as good as others that I have used before. I mostly use it for general wellbeing and for calming anxiety. Like clockwork after using the oil, I have felt better. I really do swear by CBD!

Now onto the beauty products…

CBD Beauty

As I have mentioned, I have just used oil before but not been harnessing the benefits for CBD for other parts of the body. Naturecan has a great range of beauty products and balms, and I’ve been trying out the clay mask, multi-use balm, hand cream, moisturiser, and lip balm.

I think we have all been using hand cream more and more with the constant washing and sanitising hands, so hand cream has been a best friend of mine lately! This CBD hand cream is lovely, with nothing like an overpowering scent, but working wonders on hard working hands. The same for the lip balm – my lips get so dry in winter, as well as my kids’ and this lip balm has really helped.

Another problem with winter and my skin is eczema, and I often get eczema around my eyes (especially under eyes). Although it isn’t too bad at the moment, I have been using the hydrate moisturiser and it has been working so well. It absorbs well and so far so good with the results. It is reassuring to be using products on my skin that is completely natural, as well as being vegan.

Overall Thoughts

I am impressed by Naturecan, and I like how plain and simple their products packaging is. Just goes to show that the CBD is the thing doing the talking, rather than anything else. I have seen good results from these products, and think that you do get value for money with the products. CBD products generally aren’t what you’d call cheap, but these are really reasonable prices, as far as CBD products go (plus, you’ll get 10% off your first order if you subscribe to their email list). You can get some boxes that are discounted too, which would make a good gift for someone who is a CBD lover.

Moisturiser: £24.99

Lip Balm: £7.99

Hand Cream: £17.99

Clay Mask: £29.99

3% CBD Oil: £19.99

Have you ever used CBD products before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the products have been gifted in exchange for review. All words and opinions are my own.

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