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I have needed to wear glasses for quite a while, starting to wear them to be able to see the board clearly in Primary School. It was something that I didn’t enjoy, though, and back then, the frames just didn’t look good. The styles have improved a lot over the years! I chose to start wearing contact lenses when I was 15, but still need glasses for days without contacts, and for before bed and when I wake up. I know I need to take more days of wearing glasses rather than contacts, to give my eyes a break. But to do that, I’ve got to have some stylish glasses, right? 

Being able to find some prescription glasses online has been so helpful. I have ordered quite a few from before and have not been disappointed with them. My latest order was definitely not an exception. Ordering online is so simple, and pretty much the dream. As long as your prescription is up to date, then it saves so much time from having to go to the optician. I like to take my time to browse too, rather than feeling like you’re bothering the optician choosing your new specs. I have also found that the prices for glasses frames for women are much cheaper online too. They may not be branded designer ones, but there is still a great range of styles to choose from. 

Trying glasses on online

I know that some people will be reluctant to get glasses online because you can’t try them on. The good news is that you can take a selfie and upload it, so that you can easily see what the glasses look like. Another thing that I think is great is that you can also check the reviews on the site, with photos uploaded of real people who have bought the styles. I found this really helpful to see how actually large a frame is or isn’t (even though the dimensions are listed). I have a large square face, so getting ones that will be wide enough to fit is a must otherwise it will look like a pea on a drum, to quote a phrase my mother uses.

The Glasses That I Chose

The first frames that I chose are the ‘Water’ frames. I like the tortoise shell style of them, although you can choose other colours. I also looked up the best style for people who have square faces, and surprisingly to me, one of the styles that looks the best is round frames. The frames are durable and well made, and don’t feel flimsy at all. Very pleased with these.

For a second look, I chose the ‘Manhattan’ frames. I am about 1000% sure that I am not cool enough to wear a pair of glasses like these, but I do really like this kind of aviator style lens, and like that they are a large frame for my large face. Again, they are really well made and a study pair, although a more delicate frame than my other pair.

For the school run, working, and days at home, I am really pleased with these frames to help me to wear my contact lenses a little less. It all makes a difference! I have never had a negative experience buying my glasses online, so I would certainly recommend buying from here. I have not been disappointed by the glasses, the service, or the quality.

*My glasses were gifted in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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