My Experience of Diet Bon Meal Delivery

After being away on holiday for two weeks and the indulgence of Easter, I have been feeling relaxed and all zen, but not feeling my healthiest. When I don’t eat well I really do feel it and have been lacking in energy massively. So looking for something to give my weight loss a boost has been something I have been looking into of late. One brand that is new to the UK, but has had lots of success in Europe (originating in France), is Dietbon. They are a diet meals delivery service, with the meals being delivered right to your home.

In my box I got a booklet telling me all about the meals, and a pretty straightforward plan about what I should be eating and when. I definitely do well when I am told what to eat, and it was clear and easy to follow; no meal planning or anything, it is all there for you. There was a pack of pancakes for my breakfasts (yum), along with meals for lunch and dinner, along with snacks like lemon cake bars and apple sauce pots. I also had two 14 day teatox pouches; one for each morning and one for each evening.

I like that it was all clear what was what, and it was all packaged well, and looked bright and interesting too. The food doesn’t need to be refrigerated necessarily, which is great in terms of storage, but is easily heated in a microwave or oven when you need it. What I was most impressed with is the fact that the food is 100% natural, doesn’t contain preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. Plus, some of the meals, depending on what you choose, are even organic; you don’t see that with many home diet meal delivery brands. There were only a few things that you needed to have alongside your meals (such as having  yogurt and some fruit with your pancakes for breakfast, for example). But other than that, you are pretty much good to go.

I am a vegetarian so I was pleased to see that there was a good range of vegetarian meals, including things like soups which work well for lunches. The food all tasted good, was easy to heat and eat, and I really liked the snacks too. I found that I wasn’t hungry in between meals, as there was plenty of food to have. It didn’t feel like I was ‘depriving’ myself from anything.

I really like the more nutrition based approach to the diet, as you are supported along the way, and have a call with a dietician after your first delivery, and then have them as you go along. You can send an email too, so you are supported and given advice, which isn’t something that happens with a lot of other diets. Plus, the people on the call, qualified dieticians, can really give you sound advice that a lot of others can’t. They aren’t just wellness coaches or people that have lost a lot of weight themselves. So they can advise on things if you’re feeling like you’re always hungry or feeling that you’re lacking in energy. A but of accountability, as well as motivation, is really appealing to me too.

For my first week using the Diet Bon meal delivery I lost a total of 4 pounds!

I was really pleased. It was easy to follow and I liked that I didn’t have to meal plan, shop for foods, or think about it really; it made each day simple as I would just know what I was having and didn’t have to think about it. This is a big bonus for me! I just knew what was there and that was that. With children and a husband to cook for at home, it was so nice to just have my meals ready for me (rather than having to cook different things for us all).

If you would like to give it a try, then by using this link, you can get a 28 days detox tea cure Morning & Night with any one, two, three, or four month plan purchased. It would be great to hear what you think!

*this is a collaborative post – all words and opinions are my own.

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