Review: Photo Creator Instant Camera from Canal Toys

I am someone that is always taking photos with my phone but I remember getting my very first camera when I was younger. Being able to get the photos developed and holding the prints is very nostalgic; I have lots of memories of putting photos in different photo albums and looking through them all. My daughter doesn’t have a phone, but she can be known to take some photos with mine. I think that having a camera of her own will help with her creativity.

Photo Creator Instant Camera

I think that Photo Creator Instant Camera is a solid choice for a first camera. It is fun and creative, and is a great way to hone photography skills. The camera is very easy to set up and use. There are stickers to decorate the camera with, and the setup with a memory card and paper rolls for the camera are simple to install. The ‘instant’ part is a built-in thermal printer. This is great as it means that there isn’t any ink which could be messy with children, nor do you need to replace anything which could cost a lot of money.

The camera has a digital screen, which you can use for taking pictures, as many as you would like. These can then be downloaded to a computer screen (and there is an SD card fro storage); you don’t have to print all the photos that get taken. The camera does come with four rolls of paper though, which is enough for around 250 photos. You can, of course, get replacement rolls for quite an affordable price, but it can used as a digital camera as much as you’d like.

Printing from the Instant Camera

If you want to take a photo that you want to print out, then you need to press a different button to the digital photos. But it is simple and easy, and there is even a selfie lens so you can take photos in two different ways; a must for kids these days 😉

I think the only gripe I have with the camera is that it only prints out in black and white. They print out onto paper, rather than photo card or ‘shiny’ paper, which you might get with a Polaroid camera, for example. However, as it is paper, it does mean that the photos can be customised with stickers and drawn on with felt-tips really easily. I think the fact that you can colour the photos in yourselves is the biggest selling point and something that my daughter, as a creative kid, has really loved. The possibilities are endless!

What comes in the box?

The camera comes with a 4GB micro-SD card, 4 paper rolls, USB charger cable, which is obviously used for charging, as well as downloaded photos and videos to a computer. You also get pens and fun stickers for the photos, as well as stickers that can be used on the camera if you want to make it look like your own.

Overall verdict

I think the camera is ideal for children aged 8 and over as the camera is quite high tech and might be more difficult for younger children to get to grips with. It’s pocket sized, fun, has lots of storage, and has such a creative element too. Currently priced at £59.99, I think that it is a really reasonable fee, especially compared to other instant cameras that are out there. The creative element adds a different element to it as well. I’d recommend it as a gift for older children, for sure.

What do you think of the Photo Creator Instant Camera? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the item has been gifted in exchange for review. All words and opinions are my own and would only recommend something that I would be happy to pay for myself.

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