Review: Revive Vegan Collagen

It will be my birthday soon, and I will be on the wrong side of my thirties. Although I am not overly fussed about getting older and know that it is a privilege that is denied to many, I am all for something that helps me to feel and look my best. There are some facts that come alongside ageing, and that is that you do lose some natural collagen and your skin is less elastic. So being able to make the most of a collagen supplement can make a difference, as it isn’t something you have as much of. 

I have tried different collagen before, and have always noticed the difference, but I was always conscious of it being marine collagen, obviously coming from fish. I’m keen to reduce the amount of animal products I use or consume, so when I found a vegan collagen from Revive Collagen, I was keen to give it a try and see if it can work just as well. Revive Collagen’s vegan collagen, is the only product in the world that offers a proven liquid collagen that is a vegan substitute; it identically mimics the human type 1 collagen, which is amazing. 

Vegan collagen

Revive Collagen’s vegan collagen means I can choose a sustainable beauty choice, but with some great results.  that don’t compromise on quality or results. The collagen comes in sachets that are ready to drink right from the sachet, or that can be stirred into water and then drunk straight away. The sachets say they are raspberry flavoured, but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the best tasting thing ever. I preferred to stir it into water or juice, rather than take straight from the sachet. 

Some of the key ingredients, alongside the collagen, are Vitamins B, C, D & E. When you have the daily small sachet, you get 100% of your recommended dose of vitamin C which is amazing. You get 14 sachets in each box, so with two boxes, you’ve got just enough for a month. When taken regularly for at least four weeks, the results are proven, according to their clinical trials. It is hard to say if I can see a difference in myself, but I have found that my skin is clear and brighter, as well as visible nail growth. It is an easy thing to add into my routine, as the sachets can be put in my bag and taken to work, and then shaken up in my water bottle to make sure that I get my daily allowance.

For a fourteen day supply, it costs £37.99. If you choose a subscription, then you can save money on each box, so if you’re keen to try, that is probably the best way to do it. Full price, it makes it £2.70 per sachet, which is less than getting a Starbucks would be, but you get much more benefits to your health with these collagen sachets. So when you think of it like that, I think it makes it more value for money. I’m definitely a fan of taking collagen supplements, as I do always notice a difference, so if you’re keen to see what it’s like, I’d recommend Revive Collagen, for sure. They have different options, including non-vegan marine collagen too.

Have you heard of Revive Collagen before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*The collagen was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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