Review: Ringana FRESH Baby Range

Having a seven-year age gap between my youngest and the next child, really made me forget a lot of things about life with a baby! I had been in a routine with things and got out of the habit of all things baby, from nappies to weaning and baby products. 

However, when the other two were younger I was very good about making sure that the products that the children used were natural and free-from junk and chemicals, but the good news now is that there are so many more choices out on the market. But when there are so many to choose from, what is the best?

I have been reviewing Ringana, an Austrian brand creating natural, vegan products, with a focus on a holistic approach to skincare. Their new FRESH baby range is exactly just that, made with fresh ingredients. They even have expiry dates, other than a lot of other products, showing just how fresh the ingredients are. Their fresh cosmetics are dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin and contain biological ingredients. It is made in fresh, small batches.So let me know just what we have fallen in love with and why I would definitely recommend them.

FRESH Baby Bum Foam

The FRESH baby bum foam is a fantastic product. I try my best to be more eco, and even considered cloth nappies with Mason, so this is along those lines as it is an eco-friendly alternative to using baby wipes. FRESH baby bum foam is ideal for thoroughly cleansing the bum when you change your little one’s nappy. It has witch hazel, which is a skin-soothing ingredient, as well as cotton extract which is perfect for delicate skin. You use it by applying it to a soft cloth that can be washed, and then use them both as you would baby wipes. As a result, you can also use the combo of cloth and foam for hands and face too. 

£8.61 for 50ml – it is more expensive than wipes, let’s be fair, but you don’t need to use too much each time, so it does last. And when you think of the better ingredients that you are using, you are paying for the quality. 

FRESH Baby Bum Cream

The FRESH baby bum cream from Ringana, has honestly been a game changer. I usually find my children start to get rashes when they start to get teeth, which still happens as a toddler, and it has made such a difference and healed sore skin much more quickly than anything I have used before. It works amazingly to soothe irritated skin and prevents chafing. The soothing nappy cream gives the skin a breathable protective film, all using nice and natural oils. 

£9.48 – 50ml

FRESH Baby Body and Hair Wash

FRESH baby body and hair wash is just generally lovely. It is free-from chemicals and perfumes, leaving that lovely baby smell in-tact. The gentle body wash gel helps to delicately clean baby’s skin and hair, using really mild ingredients. The body and hair wash works to stop hair and skin from drying out, which is just what you want for your little ones. There are natural and organic oils used too, which helps to avoid the tangles.

£6.71 for 50ml – 2-in-1 product.

FRESH Baby Oil

The FRESH baby oil can be used for smoothing delicate baby skin, as well as for a post-bath baby massage. It is so nice to use and helps to prevent dry skin and strengthen the skin barrier. Being so gentle on the skin, it can be used every day for skin care. I found that it absorbs well and isn’t too oily, if that makes any sense. It is gentle enough to be used from day one for a baby, up until toddler years and beyond.

£7.66 for 50ml

I’ll be honest, the prices are a little high compared to some other natural baby brands. However, the difference is that you are paying for a luxury product that is made from natural and FRESH ingredients, so in that case, it is hard to even compare it to other products that are out there. If it is within your budget for these, then I’d definitely say go for them. They would be nice to give as a newborn gift too (just check those expiry dates though so don’t buy them too far in advance). 

Have you heard of Ringana before? They do other products too, not just for babies, so I’d definitely check them out.

*these were gifted in exchange for a review. 

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  • I’m super intrigued by your experience with Ringana’s FRESH baby range. The focus on fresh, natural ingredients and short expiry dates definitely makes it stand out in the crowded market. I’m always on the lookout for gentle, effective products for my little ones, and the dermatologically tested, vegan aspect ticks all the right boxes for me.