Review: SNACKZILLA Healthy Cookies for Kids

My children both have packed lunches at school, and although it is something I quite enjoy putting together for them, I can get in a bit of a rut with, buying the same things for them. And when there are restrictions such as no foods containing nuts, some snacks that they would have at home aren’t an option. So I am always on the lookout for new products to try that are healthy, but also work to go in a packed lunch box.

SNACKZILLA is an exciting new soft-baked oat cookie brand that has been made especially for kids. It launched exclusively and on a trial basis in Sainsbury’s last month, and we as a family have been enjoying trying them out.

They are a great choice for children’s snacks and are ideal for lunchboxes! They taste good, despite having 50% less sugar than your average biscuit, and only containing 99 calories per cookie. The children felt like they were getting a real treat with a cookie as part of their lunch, but there is a lot of nutritional goodness in them.

What is in the cookies?

The cookies are high in fibre, free from any preservatives, free from anything artificial, and they are vegan, so a good choice for any little ones with dairy or egg allergies. Coming in two flavours, chocolate and golden syrup, we all felt a little spoilt for choice.

The cookies are chewy, just like a cookie should be, and they do taste great. Being a big fan of oats anyway, I like that the cookies are made with an oat base, alongside the rest of the ingredients.

SNACKZILLA supports the Change4Life campaign, making them a good choice to eat, and the cookies themselves carry the Good Choice Badge. This means that they allow parents and children to choose snacks that are lower in sugar.

I thought the packaging on the cookies was pretty fun, with the monster design and then funny ‘would you rather’ questions which can make lunchtime at school more fun for everyone, I’m sure.

You can get a pack of four cookies for just £2.50 at Sainsbury’s, and hopefully, at more supermarkets in the future.

Have you heard of SNACKZILLA before? It would be great to hear what you think.

Rebecca x

*this is a gifted collaboration, but all words and opinions are my own, and I would only recommend something that I would purchase myself.

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