Review: The Fine Bedding Company Nimbus Bronze Pillow

I am someone who knows the value of a good night’s sleep. Having spent nine months pregnant and unable to sleep in my preferred position (on my stomach), and now having a newborn that wakes in the night, I know that making sure that the sleep that I do get is of a good quality makes all of the difference. The environment that I sleep in does have an impact. For example, I find it really hard to sleep when the room is too warm or when there is too much light. The bedding makes a difference too, to body temperature as well as comfort.

Are you a one pillow or two pillow person? Or perhaps you prefer three? I have to have two pillows to sleep with to be comfortable, but even then, they need to be decent and quality pillows in order to be comfortable and to support my head and neck. I have been trying out the Bronze Goose Down Pillow from the Nimbus Collection at The Fine Bedding Company and wanted to share just how much of a difference it has been making to my sleep (well, to the quality of the sleep that I am able to get at the moment)!

The Fine Bedding Company

When choosing what pillow I wanted to try out, I was impressed at the range of pillows and bedding that are available from the website at The Fine Bedding Company. From pillows starting at prices from £30 up to nearly £200, there is something for everyone and for every budget. The Bronze Goose Down Pillow is nearer to the top price range, costing £105, but for me, you can definitely see why it costs what it does.

Sustainably Sourced

There is much concern at the moment, and quite rightly so, over where what we buy comes from and how sustainable products are. The good news is that the down in the Bronze Collection pillow (the feathers, essentially) has been internationally certified as ethically sourced. This is good news for anyone concerned, as The Fine Bedding Company themselves has a commitment to the down in the products that they sell; this is something that I have been impressed with. Knowing that the pillow that I have is ethically sourced and sustainable, the down and the cotton, means a lot.

The pillow itself is a great size and offers a lot of comfort. It is quite luxurious to touch and a really ‘fluffy’ pillow, if that makes any sense? It has a medium rating for firmness, which I have found really comfortable. I like the feeling of a pillow surrounding my head. If you are someone who prefers to not have your head sinking in a pillow, then this may not be firm enough for you, but there may be more firm pillows in the Nimbus Collection sold on the site.

The pillow, as it is soft and not too firm, offers a lot of comfort as it really contours the head and neck. The materials themselves, the down and the luxury cotton, are soft and you can tell with the feeling that they are of really good quality. The cotton thread count is 280 and there is over 90% goose down in the pillow; in terms of value for money you are definitely getting what you pay for.

Value for money?

When you think about value for money and if an item is worth getting, then I do think about how much something will get used. As this is something that will last for a long time and you’ll use on a daily basis, you will get a lot of value for your money for it. Of course, you need to be able to afford it in your budget in the first place, but I think the Bronze Goose Down Pillow is a good investment. It is made well, ethically sourced, and very comfortable and luxurious. I think that your bedding should be something that you should get the best of what you’re able to afford, as getting good quality sleep really is vital.

What is your must-have to make sure that you’re able to get a comfortable night’s sleep? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the pillow was gifted in exchange for an honest review – all words and opinions are my own.

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