Review: TwentyTwo Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement

I have been working full-time since the start of the year, and wow, are things busy! With three children and their busy schedules, as well as my own busy work schedule, finding the time to look after myself is quite few and far between. 

With being so busy, food and meals can always be a bit of a rush, and choosing things that are quick and easy often takes over. I don’t take many supplements, as I think in some cases it is good to get certain nutrients from actual food, but when I’m so busy, I think they do have a great role to play. As well as that, there are some supplements that can enhance your life and be a good addition, much like the Lion’s Mane Capsules from TwentyTwo, which I have been trying recently.

I have heard for a while about the mental health benefits of mushroom supplements, so being able to try lion’s mane capsules out was something I was really excited about. These are described as a ‘mental health’ mushroom that can help to improve focus, mood, and memory. They are made with only one ingredient; pure lion’s mane fruiting body mushrooms.

The Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom from TwentyTwo

  • They can help to boost your brain, with a better concentration and focus
  • They are good for your mental health, helping to reduce depression and anxiety and help you to be calmer and happier
  • They can boost your immune system, helping your health to be optimal
  • They are also said yo reduce inflammation, which so many of us can suffer with even if we don’t know it, just through modern living

The small print

The capsules are 100% natural, with no nasty fillers or GMO. As well as being natural, they are organic and the mushrooms used are grown in the UK, and the supplements themselves are made in the UK too. As you’d expect, they are vegan too, so good for the majority of people.

For a one-time purchase the price is £40 for 30 capsules (or £70 for 60 capsules). If you subscribe, then you can save as it takes the price to £34 and £59.50 respectively. I wouldn’t exactly call this a bargain, but having tried them, I can say that I have felt less anxious and calmer. The other benefits aren’t really something I can speak to, as I’m not sure how I personally would measure a reduction in inflammation, for instance. But as I am mostly anxious or stressed these days, it has helped to take the edge off.

You are paying for quality too. These from TwentyTwo are a higher dosage than you’d get from other lion’s mane supplements, they’re grown and made in the UK, compared to others, and they don’t contain any other junk. Some others I have looked at have things like bulking agents and so on. So you are paying for the top quality that they are. Of course, if this isn’t in your budget, then it won’t be for you. But if it is, then I think it is worth giving them a go, especially if like me, you’re looking for natural solutions to anxiety.

They were easy to consume, you take two a day with a drink of water, and then you’re good to go. It’s good to see such a natural option out there to buy. It would be great to hear what you think.

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  • The article goes into detail about the product, what it’s made of, and the good things it can do for you. I found it really useful to learn about how Lion’s Mane mushrooms work and how they can help your brain.