Review: Wicked – Cool Kids Sports Toys for Active Fun!

Now that spring is here, and the weather seems to be taking a turn for the sunnier (hope I have not just jinxed that), it is so nice to be out and about a little more. We have been going on daily walks for months now, but in some ways they have felt like more of a chore, especially for the kids. The rules around meeting up with others outside is changing soon too, so it can mean more outdoor fun and picnics, especially with the Easter break from school nearly upon us. So it got me thinking about some fun outdoor toys and games for the children… Taking a break from screens and being more active is what we need to focus on, especially after months of the children being home in miserable weather and screens being a default…

Wicked is a brand that I hadn’t come across until recently, but I’m really pleased that I have. They have fun, bright, quirky, and affordable outdoor toys and games. We have been getting outdoors to enjoy these with the drier weather that we’ve had, and my two children are so pleased with them. Here is a little bit about their range:

Zzzopa Ball RRP £9.99

This ball is really cool, as you can obviously use it to pass and throw to one another, but it can spin (much like a fidget spinner kind of thing), as well as bounce. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before, and it features high-speed spin technology enabling it to be spun in your fingertips or slammed down, sending it high in to the air! It works in the home as well as outdoors, as it can be used as a de-stresser, throwing, bouncing high, and getting some spinning jumps and ricochets. We have the football themed one, but there are other styles available such as tennis ball and basketball.

Air Square £10

You might have seen a number of things fly, but have you ever seen a square frisbee fly? The uniquely shaped Air Square is a dream to throw into the air, and when done with the right technique, it really can fly quite a distance! It is designed to ensure a smooth and stable flight path, and with rubber edges, it means that it is soft on little hands (or arms or feet) when trying to catch it.

UKick £8

The UKick is something that I have never seen anything like in my life, but is a fun way to practice keepy-uppies, indoors or outdoors. It can be thrown, kicked, whacked, and hacky-sacked, designed to stay up in the air a little longer than a football might, to see how long it can stay up. The discs are related to skill level, with more discs meaning it moves more quickly. It is something that will take me a while to master, at least, but it is something really fun and would be a cool gift idea.

Sonic Booma RRP £10

This is such a fun boomerang, and after following the instructions on how to throw, does really work and come back to you (a bit of a breezy day is best). Not only that, and something that the children thought was brilliant, was the screaming or bird-like noise that it makes! It is super easy-to-use and is perfect for getting out in the park with over the Easter break. When it doesn’t quite come back to you, it means a lot of running around too!

Mega Bounce XL RRP £20

This is something else that I hadn’t seen before, but is great for having in the garden for some mega sized fun. It is the world’s bounciest inflatable ball! In total, it measures 2.51 metres in circumference and works well bouncing on different surfaces, from concrete to grass (and I’m told, sand too). It is still easy to catch if you have visions of it just flying away, and is made from a really durable material. It comes boxed up and has a pump that comes with it.

Mega Jump RRP £8

If you have children that want to learn how to skip, or know how to skip and want to learn some other skills with it, then Wicked’s Mega Jump is what is needed. It has ball-bearing axles meaning that there is smooth rotation, making skipping effortless, especially when wanting to get up to high speeds. The handles ensure good grip too as they are textured. I had never thought about how having a specially designed skipping rope can improve skipping technique, but it really does!

Mega Spin RRP £4.99-£9.99

Much like the skipping rope, if you have little ones that want to get better at using a yo-yo, then this is a new twist on the classic toy, making tricks much easier.

I am so impressed with the range of outdoor toys for active fun, as they really are different, fun, and work to get children enthused about playing outside. I like that each of the outdoor toys is a twist on a classic, which is really appealing. The prices are great too, and they would all make for a fun gift too.

Watch this video to see more of the range in action:

It would be great to hear what you think to the range. Is there something that takes your interest here? The range of outdoor toys is fab, and they have helped to get my children interested in being outdoors again, rather than just walking!

*this is a collaborative post, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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