Review: Workout Gear From Yvette

Time is flying by so much, and it never seems to fly by more than when you have a baby. Counting down the weeks and the months and looking towards the next milestone really seems to speed up time! As I had a caesarean in December, I decided to give it a good couple of months before starting to exercise again. Now he is four months old, I have (slowly) been getting into a routine with my exercise and being more active, as it does make me feel better and make me feel stronger (physically and mentally).

I find that one of the obstacles to exercise for me is not being equipped with the right gear. If I don’t have a good sports bra on, for example, I can’t just go for a run. When I have the right clothing and equipment to be active, it has made it so much easier for me to just get up and go (when nap time is exercise time, I have to be ready to go quickly)!

Sports clothing for all women

I love finding out about new clothing brands and in this case, sports clothing brands. Yvette is a brand I have recently heard of, and have been lucky enough to be able to try out some of their workout clothing. Their brand motto is “be active, be daring, be inspired” so it just shows that they want all women to feel good when they workout and be inspired. With clothes aimed at women of all different shapes, sizes, and ages, there is something for everyone to be able to be active. From an Yvette sports bra to tops and leggings, there are lovely colours and styles to choose from.

When exercising, I know that a number of women can find their body shape and size and hindrance. With big chests, it can put women off doing activities like HIIT, high impact sports, and even running. That is why Yvette have designed their high impact sports bra with a range of women in mind, so that they are secure and comfortable when exercising, even with bigger boobs. I have been really impressed with this, and as I am currently breastfeeding, I have bigger boobs than usual, which has been fully supported when wearing the pieces I have been sent for review.

Benefits of Yvette sports clothing

What I have been most impressed with by Yvette is that the items are of a really great quality. You can never be too sure when ordering clothing online, especially sports clothing, as you want to make sure that you get leggings that are squat-proof, for example. But the quality of these items is great, with good materials. Not to mention that they are at an affordable price too. Some other things that have impressed me about Yvette are:

  • Yvette strives to be innovative with their sports clothing and designs to make sure that their designs are comfortable and that all customers have a good experience. 
  • Yvette has made a commitment to protect the environment. They have created sports leggings from recycled materials, in their Recycle Collection, which means that they are made with the environment in mind, with recyclable fabrics. 

High Impact Sports Running Bra

I have been trying out this running sports bra with the criss-cross design at the back. I have found the fabric stretchy and soft, and really great for sweating. I haven’t felt sweaty in it when exercising which has been great. It comes in five colours and available in sizes XS to 5XL, which is great to see for a clothing brand, particularly a sports clothing brand.

Anywhere Front Twist Short Sleeve T-shirt

I am not a massive fan of my arms, so for now, I do prefer to workout wearing a t-shirt, rather than a vest top. This twist front short sleeve t-shirt has a really cosy and comfortable fit, again, made out of a really soft material that is sweat wicking. The twist design is pretty flattering too, bringing you in at the waist. It is available in a choice of two colours and in size XS to 2XL.

Sustainable High Support Leggings

Leggings that are squat-proof is one thing, but it also makes a big difference if they are supportive too. I like to feel ‘held in’ when wearing sports leggings, especially with my ‘mum tum’ baby pooch overhang. These high support leggings do just as they say; they are really supportive leggings! They are made from a stretchy material, but it isn’t thin or flimsy. They have a four-way stretch, which is literally the dream, making them one of the most comfortable pairs of leggings that I have ever worn. They are made from a sustainable material which is great to hear, and they come in four colours and sizes XS to 5XL. I really like these leggings!

Have you heard of Yvette before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*These items have been gifted in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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