Review: ZenBears CBD Gummies

Lockdown and the current health pandemic have left a lot of us feeling anxious. For me, it was particularly bad at the start as there was so much unknown. I think when I’m thinking about the children going back at school it also makes me feel a little anxious, especially as one of our businesses is still up in the air. Have you felt that kind of knot in your stomach that you just can’t get rid of?

I have been using CBD oil for a while now, after having some panic attacks and being in a not very happy place. I had a friend recommend it, and I found that it really helped me to be calm and just more relaxed about things that were going on. Obviously, they were still going on, but it kind of took the anxious feelings away so I can deal with things with a level head. I have just been using oils before, but I know there are a lot of CBD products to choose from.

I have been trying out some ZenBears CBD gummies lately, so wanted to share all about using them. I wasn’t sure about the power that gummies would have compared to oils, as oils tend to be much more potent or intense, getting to work much faster, for example.

However, these gummies are coated with CBD instead of injected into the gummies themselves. Therefore, a high percentage of CBD is absorbed through your mouth and gums and under your tongue as you chew and suck on the gummies. If they were injected with the CBD rather than being coated, then it would take them much longer to get to work. Normally oils are dropped under your tongue, so I found that when I took my time to suck on the sweet, rather than just chew it, I found that it worked much faster then.

CBD is minus the THC of a plant, so if you are concerned about getting ‘high’ or anything like that with CBD, then that isn’t anything to be concerned about, as the THC is removed as they are produced.

What I Liked:

I really like that the gummies are vegan, meaning that they will be suitable for all. With them being made from natural ingredients, it is a better way to get the CBD, and have that slight twist on your favourite kinds of sweets.

The taste of the gummies is much nicer than taking the oils, I’ll be honest. As much as I have used the oils, they are quite strong and earthy, which can be hard to take sometimes. So for a beginner, or someone who really doesn’t like the taste of CBD oil, these are a much better option.

Being gummies, I like that they are chewable and are easy to have on the go. In each gummy you get around 20mg of CBD per bear, which is great. It is recommended that you only have one or two a day, and to be honest, I found that was fine for me.

I have been using them from an anxiety point of view, as well as occasionally as a pain relief for periods. They have worked for both of these things for me.

Have you used CBD before? It would be great to hear what you think. If you’re interested in these CBD gummies from ZenBear, then they cost £39.95 for a tub or you can save 10% with a monthly subscription. CBD doesn’t come cheap, so the price is reasonable compared to others on the market. Of course, it is only going to be worth it if you can afford it, but I do think it is a great product.

*the gummies were gifted in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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