Revolutionising History: A Review of SIX the Musical

Have you ever imagined a royal court turning into a pop concert stage? Well, that’s precisely what happens in “SIX the Musical,” a groundbreaking show that’s taken the world by storm. With its infectious energy and modern twist on history, SIX reinvents the narrative of Henry VIII’s six wives, giving them centre stage to tell their stories through electrifying pop music.

From the moment the curtains rise, SIX grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

The six leading ladies, each portraying one of Henry VIII’s wives, burst onto the stage with their own unique personalities and musical styles. From the fierce Catherine of Aragon to the bold Anne Boleyn, every character shines, bringing a fresh perspective to their historical counterparts.

What sets SIX apart is its ingenious fusion of historical storytelling with contemporary music. The songs are catchy, cleverly crafted, and packed with witty lyrics that inject humor and sass into the narrative. Whether it’s Anne Boleyn’s anthem “Don’t Lose Ur Head” or Catherine Parr’s empowering ballad “I Don’t Need Your Love,” each song adds depth to the characters while keeping the audience thoroughly entertained.

But SIX is more than just a spectacle of flashy costumes and catchy tunes. At its core, it’s a celebration of female empowerment and resilience. Through their songs, the six wives reclaim their voices and rewrite their own narratives, transcending the confines of history to become modern-day icons of strength and independence.

Beyond its captivating performances, SIX also deserves praise for its innovative storytelling format. The musical is structured as a concert, with each wife vying for the title of “lead singer” and pleading her case to the audience. This interactive element adds an extra layer of excitement, turning the theatre into a vibrant arena where history comes alive in a whole new way.

The website says that it is suitable for children age 10 and over. I definitely wouldn’t take children younger than this; there is some innuendo that went over my daughter’s head, but some children might understand and it wouldn’t be entirely appropriate. She loved the show though, so would definitely recommend it.

In conclusion, SIX the Musical is a triumph of creativity, blending history with contemporary flair to create an unforgettable theatrical experience. With its powerhouse performances, infectious music, and empowering message, it’s no wonder that SIX has become a global phenomenon. So, grab your tickets and prepare to be dazzled by this revolutionary retelling of history.

*gifted tickets – all opinions are my own.

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