How You Can Get On The Right Career Path After Having Children

Do you feel as if you’ve never quite found the right career? Many people believe that they’re on a career path that isn’t exactly right for them. However, they usually stick with it a lot longer than they should simply because they don’t know how to get onto the right one. This post will tell you how you can finally get on the right career path, though you can also try assessment test/tests before getting a job in order to be more confident.


Think About What You’d Do For Free

Think about what you’d do for free. If money wasn’t a thing, how would you like to spend your days? Sitting around watching daytime TV won’t cut it here. This could be a hobby you really love, something you really love talking about, or anything of the kind. If there’s something that you’d do for free, or you actually do for free at the moment, it’s a good sign that this should be the next step to take in your career. For instance, if you love making clothes, you could make a business out of it. If you adore giving out fitness advice, becoming a nutritionist or PT could be an option.

Think About What Excites You And Energises You

The things that excite and energise you are clues as to what you should really be doing with your career and life. People who are on the right career path don’t dread Mondays, believe it or not. You should feel excited to get to work, and your work should energize you, rather than drain you. You should be able to get totally lost in your projects and lose track of time. If you constantly clock watch at the moment, it’s a sign you’re not on the right career path. It can be hard to take a leap of faith and choose to do what you love, but it’s so worth it when it doesn’t feel like work!

Keep Your Skills And What You’re Good At In Mind

Although you should do what excites you, you should also keep your skills in mind and what you’re good at. For instance, a good game of tennis might make you come alive. But if you’re more of an amateur than an athlete, becoming a professional tennis player might not be the best idea. This is just a suggestion – if you really want to follow your dreams of becoming a tennis champ, don’t let this article stop you! However, using your skills and the things you’re good at, as well as doing things you love is important. Somehow, it needs to all come together so you can have complete job satisfaction.

Think Of Your Personality Type

Your personality type can play a huge part in the career path you should be taking too. For example, if you’re an extrovert (meaning you are energised when you spend time with others), working from home may not be the best option for you. If you’re an introvert, choosing to become a public speaker might not be the best idea. Try to find out your personality type by using reliable online tests and then finding jobs that suit your personality. Myers-Briggs tests are really good for this kind of thing. Once you know your personality type, you’ll understand yourself a lot more and you may even get some more inspiration for what you could do. If you love to help people, you might get Nursing and healthcare Jobs as a suggestion.


See It As Stepping Stones, Not A Straight Line

You must think of your career path as stepping stones, rather than a straight line. You may need to take a detour a few times, and that’s OK as long as you continue to follow your passions and let them lead the way. Eventually, you’ll get exactly where you’re supposed to be. It might even be somewhere doing something you’d never considered before. This is what lots of people find. When they follow their passions, loves, and skills, they end up somewhere they never thought they’d be. However, it turns out to be the perfect place for them.

Develop Skills And Experience

Find ways to develop your skills and experience so you can get to where you want to be. If you can come up with a sort of ‘career timeline’, you could use that to figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to be. If you just want to see where you end up by following the things you feel good about, that’s fine too. You can develop your skills in your own time with online courses and night courses. All you have to do is make sure that you’ll be getting the qualification or recognition you need at the end of them. You might also find it useful to volunteer or take on internships for experience. These don’t pay much, but it can be worth it in the long run.

Consider The Type Of Lifestyle You Want

Another important thing to think about is the type of lifestyle you want to have. Do you want to be able to travel the world? Do you want to be able to afford a nice house and nice cars? Think about where you’d like to be in the future and then consider what type of career could help you. Don’t just do it for the money though, as chances are, you’ll regret it sooner or later.

Start Your Own Business

Many people who want to get on the right career path eventually decide to start their own business. This can be a great way to do exactly what you want to do providing you have an entrepreneurial spirit or you’re at least willing to work on it. Starting your own business can be scary and risky, but it can also be more than worth the risk.

Following these tips will help you to finally get on the right career path. Once you’ve found it, you’ll know. It’s just a case of taking baby steps to get to where you need to be. Don’t worry about the future too much and just do what feels good now.


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