Road Trip: CarGoSeat Review

When you travel with children, you need to take a lot of stuff. My two aren’t super little anymore, so we don’t need to think about pushchairs, bottles, nappies, and travel cots. However, they still need car seats, and like to pack some plenty of their books and toys with them too.

We recently drove up to the Lake District for a little staycation, and though we could put the CarGoSeat to the test. My son, aged 8, hasn’t really used a booster seat before, so it would prove interesting for our trip. Double that up with the fact that the seat is a suitcase too, and you’ve immediately saved yourself some room in the car.


The CarGoSeat was inspired by family travels, and sitting at the airport waiting for grubby car seats for children when hiring a car. When you can being your own seat, but pack you things inside too, then it is an easy win, saving money and space. I think it is such a novel idea, and the fact that it will fit in most airplane overhead lockers is great too; it can work on a hand-luggage only flight.

10L Storage

When you think of a booster seat, it is hard to imagine that it would fit in a lot of items, but the storage capacity is 10 litres, which I think is great. We managed to fit in a week’s worth of clothing for our trip, minus the cuddly toy that was carried separately. I was really impressed with it! The seat has an easy clasp that closes it all up, but is simple enough for kids to open it themselves once at your destination.

In the car

Of course, with something that works as a car seat, you need to test it out in the car. It was really easy to install in the car, as you simply put it on the seat and then connect it to the seatbelt with the black strap. There is a button to push aside the wheels, which means you can raise the armrests. Not only does it mean an armrest, but there are some small storage areas under there too (good for snacks and so on).

We had no complaints from my son when it comes to the comfort of the seat. the only thing worth noting was that he is normally used to a car seat with a headrest. So he did fall asleep in the car and had to rest his head on the armrest in the middle of the backseat. So if you are on a road trip and falling asleep is likely, then having a coat or a pillow for padding is a good idea.


As long as you register your purchase, you can get a warranty which is great peace of mind, as well as helping you to get value for money. Although to me, the seat is made of quality materials, if something does go wrong, then knowing you could get a replacement is important.


When you get the seat, it is essentially a big bit of plastic. But then again, aren’t all seats or boosters? One thing that really impresses me with CarGoSeat is that you can send the seat back to them when you’re finished with it (unless you pass down to siblings), and they will recycle the seat for you. So although it is plastic, this is a great initiative, so you know that it can be recycled properly and used to create more seats.

Value for money

Priced at £49.99, I think you do get value for money. It is much cheaper than a larger car seat would be, and as far as booster seats compare, it is a really reasonable price. The seat is well made, and to me, seems like it will last a while. We have only done with big trip with it so far, but pleased with how it held up. As it is wipe-clean, and the seat cover can be removed to be washed, you can definitely keep it looking good for a while, helping you to get value for money.

When it comes to a booster seat in the car, you should make sure that your child is tall enough and weighs enough to use it (usually around age seven of eight). The seat comes in four colours; blue, green, pink, and purple, so there will be something for everyone.

Have you heard of the CarGoSeat before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the car seat was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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