Peace of Mind on Road Trips

Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean to say that travelling should be. Whether you have family to visit abroad, or a few hours away, making a road trip of it doesn’t have to be a tedious event.

Whether you decide to drive to Cornwall, France, Italy or Switzerland, there’s a reassurance that comes with knowing you’re not limited when it comes to the essentials. You won’t need to worry about your double buggy not coming through at baggage claim, or whether or not you’ll need the car seat, or if you can fit the bottle steriliser into a confined suitcase. Taking your own car on holiday with you is almost like maintaining a little piece of home – that piece that keeps you organised.

Quite often we overlook the greatness that’s available in our own country. Perhaps you live in the South of the UK and haven’t explored much of the beautiful North, or vice versa. A road trip allows for you and your family to have an enjoyable adventure that takes very little planning, packing, or even thought! In our busy lives, it’s often hard to be spontaneous, but a staycation allows you to do just that. If you do opt for a staycation, your car will become a very useful space meaning you’ll also end up saving money; whether it’s bikes, skis or surfboards, by taking lots with you, you won’t need to hire equipment when you arrive at your destination.

The top priority for parents and families is knowing that their children will be safe and protected on the road. Not everyone is comfortable driving at night, let alone in foreign fields. Stay safe by having the best and latest equipment in your car such as TadiBrothers rear view camera which gives you fantastic day time clarity and Automatic Night vision. The camera has 4 high powered LEDs that project light backward this way you can see behind you with real light. It installs very easily and will fit any standard European license plate, so whether you’re taking your own car or hiring, your driving experience should be a breeze.

What other tips or advice would you add to the list?

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