The Roasting Tin Cookbook Review

I have said before that I am a bit of a cookbook hoarder. I love to try new recipes and get creative in the kitchen. Perhaps it is that I just find it easier to do as someone in a book tells me, rather than have to create a meal plan myself? Either way, I love trying new food and recipes. But don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need some simple family meals that are tasty but easy to prepare. From swimming lessons, dashing around for the school run, and all that comes from being a working mum, some simplicity in the kitchen is a must.

Which is where a cookbook like The Roasting Tinby Rukmini Iyer comes in. A recipe book that has 75 recipes that only need one dish? Sign me up! But is it as good as it says on the tin? 😉

front cover featuring a tasty chicken and avocado recipe that I have actually made – simple but healthy and delicious

Favourite Things

There are so many positive things about the book; I have been really impressed. I wonder if I am the only person that sits and reads through a cookbook as though it is a novel? But after doing so, there were so many impressive and tasty dishes to try, including things like desserts too. So I really liked the range of recipes in there; chicken, meat, vegetarian, and vegan; there is something for everyone.

I also like how the recipes use ‘normal’ ingredients. You don’t need to shop in any specialised stores as the recipe use whole and healthy foods, like vegetables, and fruit, making your own sauces and dressings. Not to mention how quick and easy the recipes are; you simply prep your ingredients, pop them in your roasting dish and then let your oven do the hard work. Some recipes do need around an hour to cook, but it is time that you don’t need to be in the kitchen. Simply leave it to it!

I was also really pleased that the book includes a helpful guide to make your own roasting tin dinner from the things that you already have in at home. So if you don’t have everything in for a specific recipe, you can use what you have to make a tasty meal. So I like that it is perfect for the budget conscious cook that does want to eat well too.

a chorizo recipe that we have tried. Couldn’t have been simpler to prepare, and tasted great.

How Do the Recipes Taste?

I have only tried four recipes so far, but everyone that we have had, three savoury and one sweet, have all tasted great. They have been suitable for all of the family too, as they include good ingredients that my children love; grains, meat, and veggies (well, the savoury ones anyway)! I am excited to try out even more recipes, as they do all look good; full of colour and flavour.


Value For Money?

The book’s RRP is £16.99, which I do think is totally on par with a standard price for recipe books. I think it will be one cookbook that can be used a lot, though, as there is a large range and is great for midweek, less-stress meals. So I do think you get value for money with this. The book is currently £11.89 on Amazon if you want to grab even more of a bargain to get healthy with your meals in the new year.


I honestly couldn’t fault the book; I am really impressed. If you like cooking family meals from scratch, but like to find recipes that are simple, tasty, quick, and nutritious, then this is the book for you. I am honestly so impressed at how easy to make the recipes are; you just pop the ingredients in the dish. So healthy no-fuss meals can be made easily. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this, and think it could make an amazing quick last minute gift idea.

Have you heard of The Roasting Tin before? Do you have a cookbook that you use regularly at home? Would love to hear what you think.

Rebecca x*the book was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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