Design a Romantic, French Bedroom This Spring

French-style bedrooms are wonderfully romantic, so if you are thinking of giving your bedroom a makeover this spring, we have a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The French are well-known for their sense of romance, so it should come as no surprise that French bedroom styles are synonymous with romance and passion. This is not a utilitarian or minimalist style, so if you hate clutter and prefer sleek and modern décor, it probably isn’t the right theme for you. But, if you want a more decorative, feminine look for your bedroom, French-style is perfect.

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Chalk Upholstered Linen Bed – Newtons Furniture

Choose the Right Bed

For an authentic look, you need authentic French furniture. The bed should be the main feature in your bedroom. A simple pine bed from Ikea is not going to work, unfortunately. Instead, look for a romantic cast-iron bedstead or decadent Parisian-style French beds in black or gold. The more opulent and decorative your French bedroom furniture is, the better if you are going for the French boudoir look. For a French farmhouse-style, a pretty metal bed frame is perfect.

Romantic Florals

Florals are wonderfully romantic. Mix and match floral fabrics and wallpaper. You don’t have to stick to one pattern. A mixture of different floral designs will look great, especially if you tie in the different patterns with an underlying emblem or colour. For example, make duck-egg blue or pale yellow your main colour and look for designs that fit. Or, if you love roses, look for wallpaper and fabrics that feature a rose pattern.

Use florals on your bedding, seat cushions, curtains and blinds. If you opt for a number of floral accessories, stick to pale pastel shades on the walls, or it will feel too busy.

Shabby Chic

Modern furniture won’t work in a traditional French bedroom. Instead, look for antique French bedroom furniture sets or pieces you can repurpose. Have a go at giving old items of furniture the shabby chic look. This is very easy to achieve with the help of some chalk paint and a few YouTube tutorials. Any item of solid wood furniture will do. Look for decorative items with plenty of detailing. Paint your furniture cream or pale grey and give it a distressed look. Add decorative touches such as cute ceramic knobs or gold leaf paint.

Sumptuous Linens

Luxurious linens are mandatory for a romantic French bedroom. Handmade patchwork quilts, throws, lace trimmed cushions, and woollen throws are essential. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary from the outside world.

The only exception is for the windows. Avoid thick, heavy curtains. Instead, go for lightweight, gauzy curtains that let plenty of light in.


Scrubbed oak or pine floorboards are traditional, but if your floorboards are not up to scratch, you can mimic the look with good quality laminate or engineered wood flooring. Decorate the floor with a pale oriental rug or a handmade rag rug.


Look for pretty ornaments and antiques from junk shops and flea markets to accessorise your bedroom. Old landscape paintings and pressed flowers in decorative frames will create just the right look. Finish off your bedroom with a decorative chandelier and some pretty table lamps.

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