Retail Royalty Challenge

When the lovelies at got in touch about their Royalty Retail Challenge I jumped at the chance. Get given money to go shopping? And then donate and help a local charity? I’m in!

My chosen charity is The Children’s Trust, in Tadworth, as it is local to me and I have got involved in some of their community activities before. They are the UK’s leading charity for children with multiple disabilities, brain injuries and complex health needs so to be able to surprise them with some new things they stand in need of, was a real pleasure.


I got in touch with some of the people over at the trust to see what would be best to get. I was told that toiletries are always good for those that stay over and occasionally parents do too, so having some packs made up would be useful. I was also told that the girls in the rehabilitation there love to be girly and do their nails so I had the perfect things in mind. I’m not an expert in what toys would be suitable so thought I would stick to the toiletries. Here is how I got on…   The aim of the challenge is to get some brilliant deals, barter and bag yourself a bargain.

I started off with my sister-in-law who is a dental therapist. She was able to snag me some toothpaste…. Cost: £0

retailchallenge 010

I popped into my local town and ‘Dave’s of Epsom’ was having a closing down sale. The shop sells bed linens, towels and bits of all sorts really, so I bagged my self 6 bargain closing-down-sale face cloths for 30p each. Cost: £1.80

retailchallenge 001

I use to work at Unilever UK’s head office in Surrey, where there is a discounted shop of all their brands (things like Marmite, Dove, Lynx, TIGI, Simple, Knorr and Ben & Jerry’s – wahey!). I got in touch with some of my old colleagues to arrange to come in to work for a ‘visit’. Any excuse to see them all and then hit the discounted shop. I got some Lynx deodorants and shower gels there for 90p each. Cost: £6.30

retailchallenge 006

I then hit up my local market as they usually have lots of different (weird) and wonderful stalls. I managed to get 4 nail brushes, 2 combs, 3 nail varnishes and 2 body sprays for bartered prices. Cost: £6.08

retailchallenge 002

Next stop was bargaination central ‘Savers’. I got 5 travel size Pantene shampoo and conditioners for 65p each. Cost: £3.25

retailchallenge 005

My final stop was good old Wilko! I got 4 toothbrushes, 4 wash bags, 4 massage sponges, 2 regular sponges, 2 packs of nail stickers and 4 body mops all for good prices. Cost: £13.40

retailchallenge 007 retailchallenge 008

Total Spend: £30.80 

just 80p over budget. I had a fun time shopping for all of the bits and bobs and an even better time dropping it all off at The Children’s Trust and seeing all of their happy faces.

july13 016 july13 017 july13 018

* This is my entry for the Money Supermarket Retail Royalty Charity Challenge. We were provided with £30 to spend on items for our chosen charity. All choices, thoughts and words are my own*

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