Rustic Room Realness

One of the most fabulous trends of 2017, in home decor, is the rustic room. It’s all about natural materials, and simple living, and it can be used in pretty much any room in the house. So if this sounds appealing to you, check out the rustic room cheat sheet below, which will help you get this look in any room in your home.



Now, you might think that a bathroom is a challenge to kit out in the rustic realness style, but that isn’t necessarily so.

For one, you can get sink cabinets and storage units made from rustic unfinished woods which look lovely. But there’s also another way to use natural materials in this smallest room in the house.

In particular, stone makes a fantastic treatment for the walls and floor. Consider using split faced stone tiles on the walls, which can produce a rustic, yet modern and refined look and the best thing is that you can install them yourself.


One of the rooms in the home that lend itself best to this rustic style is the living room. This is because there are several ways that you create a country style ambiance there.

Firstly, you can invest in furniture that is made from untreated wood. Consider a suite including bookcases, coffee tables and side tables. Or if you want to go for a slightly subtle look, stick to one key piece and contrast it with some more modern items in simple white.

Secondly, you can also use particular features in the room to emphasise the rustic elements. For example, a real fire is something that we often associate with a country home be it old-fashioned, or modern.

So consider a wood fire, wood burning stove or one of the newer cleaner bioethanol fireplaces as a centrepiece in your living room to give it some rustic flair.



The rustic realness look is one that can look amazing in a kitchen, but before you set your heart on it is worth noting that it can cost quite a bit to get right.

This is because kitchens are usually built in, and you need to get the cabinets and fixture all fitted properly for it to work both practically and in terms of design.

To achieve the rustic look in this room consider chunky wooden based countertops, topped with stone work surfaces. A large country style farmhouse table for eating is also a great idea too if you have room for it.  As it a traditional area type cooking range.

Master Bedroom

Lastly, if you are considering kitting out your bedroom in this style the watchword here need to be simplicity. As, in the bedroom, this rustic style, works best when paired back to a minimum.

That means natural materials for bed and closets, with plain good quality, but relaxed bed covers in fabric such as seersucker.

Be careful here to not reduce the amount of space in and light in the room by adding unnecessary decorative pieces and ornaments, and remember too that the master bedroom needs to be functionally comfortable as well as just looking the part.

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