Christmas Sales: How To Get The Best Bargains

Though it doesn’t feel very long ago, we had the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to get shopping and find some deals for the things that you want and need. Though that gets you ready for Christmas, there are still plenty of bargains to be had when you shop in the Boxing Day or ‘January Sales’. I’m not sure they can be called the latter anymore, though, as many places start their sales sometimes a few days before Christmas now.

So if you find some gift vouchers or money under the tree, or are still after something that you don’t get for Christmas, then there are a few ways that you can make the money go further, or get the best deal on the items that you want. Here are some of the things that I do when shopping in the sales.

Shop Out of Season

Now that we are in winter, all of the winter clothing and accessories will be reduced. So if you wanted to get some boots or a winter coat, then you will get a good deal. But if you shop out of season, that is shopping for summer items in the winter, then you will save even more.

I have been looking at an UGG sale online as I’d love some UGG slippers. The boots are reduced, varying in reductions from 15% – 30%. While that is a good deal, the summer items, flip-flops and sandals, have 50% off. So if you are looking for something that you can put away until the next season, then it pays to shop with the next season in mind, rather than the current – unless there is something you are in desperate need of, of course!


Shop Online

For me, it is all about shopping online. I do like to shop in the sales, but can sometimes feel like its a bit of a jumble sale when you have to root through racks and racks of clothing, only to find there isn’t anything in your size. So shopping online is my thing for sure. I can take my time, don’t have to take the kids out shopping with me, and can think properly about what I need or want. I am much less likely to impulse buy when I shop online, which for me, means I spend less. It also means that I will hunt around for the best bargain for the thing I am after, as well as looking for things like voucher codes.

Look For Extra Discounts

Like I have said, I like to shop online. There are a few extra tricks that you can do when you shop online than if you shopped in store. One of those things is filling up your basket with things that you want but then abandoning it. With cookies etc these days, they know that you haven’t completed your order. It helps if you have a registered account with them too. I have often done this and then had an email through offering me more money off to complete my purchase. The only issue with this is that with it being in the sale, things could go out of stock when you go back to them. You could sign up to the site’s newsletter or mailing list and get extra discounts that way, if you’d rather not risk it.

Are you someone that heads out to the Boxing Day sales? I never head out but certainly hit my laptop to hunt for bargains!


*via lovethesales.

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