Day Out in London & Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

I have always been an android phone so when I had the chance to be able to review a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, I was really excited! I currently have an S3 (due an upgrade imminently) so I thought it would be good to compare the two and see how Samsung have improved their phones.

I was sent the Black Sapphire 32GB model and I was really pleased with it. First off, it is really slick and slim, under 7mm thick and weighs 138g. For a larger phone it is really easy to hold and doesn’t feel too heavy. I do think the black model is a little awkward colour, because the shiny cover shows up all the finger prints and marks. I am a fan of white phones though so maybe it is just me being picky! The other colours it comes in are Blue Topaz, White Pearl and Gold Platinum.


The phone uses a new Apple-style touch- rather than a swipe fingerprint scanner, also built into the home button and for taking pictures you’ll find a heart-rate scanner on the rear.

As a blogger, the camera is a pretty important function for me. One thing that I wasn’t the biggest fan of was the protruding camera on the back. So obviously meaning that camera sticks, so it doesn’t lie flat on a table. The camera is amazing though, such clarity and really clear pictures (16 mp). It has a great feature of being able to take pictures really quickly as the camera is ‘always on’. You double tap the home screen and takes you straight to the camera screen to snap away. I found this really useful when I was out and about, as I like to take pictures all the time (my poor kids)! I loved the ‘selfie’ camera too and particularly loved that it says selfie camera on the screen when you turn it on. I of course had to test it out (so impressed with it, this picture has not been edited):

Samsung 005

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has an amazing, large screen at 5.1in and it has an incredible Quad HD (1440×2560) with a staggering 577ppi pixel density – it really looks brilliant and super sharp, bright and crisp. It of course has the usual functionality of a smart phone and download the usual apps from the play store. I am biased, as I am use to Samsung phones but I think that they are really easy to set up and understand.

The battery is amazing on the S6 too – lasts such a long time. I left in the morning and it was at 100% and after 5 hours in London, constantly snapping pictures and taking videos, when I got home is was only at 68%. Compared to what I’m use to I thought this was really good. Such a great feature for people on the go.


We had a fab day in London trying out the camera and video functions in particular. Three Mobile also provide 4G to their customers at no extra cost so we were able to upload pictures to Instagram as we went too. We went to the London Transport Museum and Max was loving it. He is obsessed with trains so was loving life! Chloe slept through most of it though, oh well! Being situated in Covent Garden was perfect so that we could wander around and see the entertainment too, as well as get a ‘Snog’ frozen yoghurt. We then went to Leicester Square to M&M World to have a gander. Think I was kidding myself when I thought looking was all that we would do – of course we had to buy some M&Ms!

Anyway, we took lots of pictures on our day out so watch the slideshow below and see what we got up to…

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Rebecca x

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*Thanks to Three Mobile for the fun day out and for the loan of the phone. It was kindly loaned to us in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  • I am an apple girl myself but my hubby is obsessed with his samsung phones. He would love this, and reading your thoughts are definitely making him want to change his S5. I’m not sure I could convert, I suppose we all are use to what we are use to. Love the selfie. #PointShoot

  • I have both an iPhone (personal) and a Samsung S4 (work) and I have to admit I do prefer the iPhone but the camera and the battery life on the Samsung are definitely better in my experience – although in both cases it’s really noticeable how much better both Phones and Android phones are if you’ve had one for 2-3 years and skip a generation or two.

    The new S6 looks great. I love the way the newest iPhones and Samsungs are so slim, and the fingerprint unlock on the iPhone6, although it’s not 100% reliable (if you have any moisture or grease on your fingers it tends to fail) it is brilliant for unlocking your phone that extra second or so faster.

  • My hubby got this phone last week. Its very fast. I’m a HTC person though. lol he used to have a HTC too. but the Samsung has so much to offer. #TriedandTested

  • This is really interesting – I’m an Android girl as well (have the S4 mini) and the camera is one of the things which does drive me a bit mad. It’s good quality but there’s always a bit of a delay, so by the time I’ve snapped, my daughter has moved. Will definitely have to check this out when I’m due an upgrade (not for AGES sadly)

  • We are a Samsung family here, although I have the zoom. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  • This is the phone I’ve been waiting to come out for the last year. I’ve also got an S3 which I love but is getting really slow after 3 years. I want to upgrade, but need to wait for prices to come down a little if possible. They do look great.

  • I love Samsung too, but I have not long upgraded to the S5 so I am a while off upgrading again, x

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