Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Christmas Groceries This Year

At this time of year you will see many a gift guide or ideas for saving money when it comes to gift shopping. While that is really useful, I also like to make sure that I am getting a good deal when I am buying my groceries. There are so many things that are food and drink orientated at Christmas. So to be able to save when we plan for those things is helpful.

We have just had Max’s birthday party this weekend. Many of us will have work parties, family gatherings, drinks with friends, as well as the main meal itself. We are often told that we shouldn’t get into debt over Christmas, but that does include the food. Our Christmas meal can cost a heck of a lot if we let it. So here are some ways that will help you save over the coming weeks.


Shop Online

Depending on which store you choose, you might have missed a food delivery for Christmas eve by now. But you can still order some bits to arrive a few days before. Then you could get more fresh things like vegetables the day before. I love to shop online at the best of times, but especially when it comes to Christmas. One way is that I find it saves me lots of money. I only order what I want, as I can take my time and plan out the menu or meals. I also think it is a great help as I don’t implies buy. So for me, it does help me to save.

Look For Voucher Codes

Another reason why I like to shop online is that you can use voucher codes. You can save 10% or £20 off your first shop for instance, as well as other loyalty and discount codes. I have placed orders with all different retailers in the past before. Which means I get discounts emailed to me when I haven’t shopped with them for a while too. So it is pretty much a no-brainer for me. If there isn’t anything that you find on the retailers website, you could look for a voucher code online. There are codes for all different grocery stores, from ASDA to Waitrose. So check online for a voucher, before you place an order. Every. Time.

Split the Cost

For many of us, we will share the Christmas meal with more than just our family. It might be with extended family or with friends. If that’s the case, then it is reasonable that the cost isn’t just on you. So split the cost with the other guests. If you don’t want to just straight up ask them for some money, then you could just assign them something to bring. You could ask someone to bring the table crackers, someone to bring drinks and someone to bring dessert, for example. If you’ve invited people over, it’s not a big deal to ask them to bring anything and the kind of expect to anyway. At least that is what I have found anyway.

Consider Frozen

If you think of the meat that you are buying, then you could save yourself a heck of a lot of money if you get it frozen. Think of a turkey, for instance. As long as you give it plenty of time to defrost, there is no need to go out the day before to pick your turkey up. So not only does it cost less, but it will save bit of hassle too. The same goes for roast potatoes and things like parsnips. If they come froze, they are chopped and ready to go. Which saves money, as well as time.

Share Deals

If you’re able to shop with a friend, whether online or in store, then think about sharing the offers. If boxes of chocolates are ‘buy one get one free’ for instance, you might not need both. But it would be silly to not take the offer up. So both of you would get a box, but you’d be paying half of the price for one. Same goes for anything really. Share the deal with a friend or family member and you’ll both save.

What are your tips for being a savvy shopper when it comes to your groceries?


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