How You Can Save Money on Makeup By Getting Freebies and Testers

Getting free makeup samples is an excellent way to try new products out as well as stretching your budget even more on some of your favourite brands of make-up.

This guide on how to get free make-up samples is going to help you with being able to try out not only supermarket brands but favourite high-end makeup also.  Some of the free makeup samples you can get in local stores and others you can receive through the mail.  There are even a couple of ways that we have listed below where you receive free full-sized makeup samples!

Out of all of the free samples of products that are available, free makeup samples are definitely one of my absolute favourites to receive.  It’s a lot of fun trying a new product out.  I can also completely spoil myself without having to feel guilty about spending my hard earned money on makeup.

Pretty soon, your mailbox will be full of free makeup samples, including blush, eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, mascara and more.


Free Makeup Samples Through The Mail 

The most convenient and easiest way of obtaining free makeup samples is requesting and then receiving them through the mail.

There are free sample pages online that you can check out that will provide you with lists of free samples.  These pages get updated on a daily basis.  These include free samples for makeup as well as for magazines, food, perfume and almost anything else that you can think of.

There are not a lot of free makeup samples but there are some.  Check out the free sample pages each day for your best chance to score some.

Receiving Free Make-up Samples From Stores 

Anytime you are visiting one of your favourite beauty stores ask them if they have any free make-up samples.  It’s surprising what you could end up walking out of the store with.

Here is how you can get free Sephora make-up samples.  A great place to ask for free make up samples is department store counters or any other place selling make up.  They can all have the potential of being able to provide you with free make up samples that you can take home with you.

While you are there you can try the make up out and ask nicely if they have some free samples for you to take home with you to try out.

Receiving Free Makeup Samples From Product Test Groups 

There are some product test groups you can join for the chance to test make-up.  After you provide them with your opinion, quite often you can keep the make up for free.

I have participated in the L’Oreal Consumer Participation Panel and tested a number of different make up products.  Usually the surveys are short and you are allowed to keep the entire product once the testing is complete.

There is a PF Buzz program run by Physician’s Formula where you are able to test out their new products and you get to keep the items after you are done.

Place Orders To Receive Free Make-up Samples 

Many beauty stores send free make-up samples to you when you place online orders with them.  The following are a few of my favourite make up stores that send free make up samples to me on a regular basis:

  • Smashbox
  • Ulta
  • Sephora

During checkout look for an option for asking for make up sample. You can even request specific samples at some places.

Free Make-up Samples From Facebook

Many makeup companies are giving free make-up samples away from their Facebook pages these days.

Go find some of your favourite make-up companies on Facebook and become their fans. Whenever they have new free make-up samples or a new promotion, quite often it is their Facebook fans who are the first ones to be notified!

Have you ever tried any of these things out?


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