Saving with Restaurant Coupons, Promo Codes and Deals

What are Restaurant Coupons?

Restaurant coupons are just like any others except that they can only be used in particular restaurants. These are marketing tools used by restaurants to encourage new or repeat patronage. They are usually used to offer discounts on purchases, gifts with purchases or other incentives that will save the customer some money.

By offering these incentives, the restaurant can increase the amount of people that visit it, which has the effect of increasing its popularity and also drawing other customers to their business. You can learn more here.

Whitney Burgett, Ellsworth Coupon Cutter page administrator, opens her wallet to show coupons she intends to use while shopping at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., Feb. 22, 2011. Coupons save families a large percentage of their costs for food and items used every day. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Marc I. Lane)

Types of Restaurant Coupons


This is a very popular one and it comes in two different variations. You have the flat-rate discount and the percentage-based discount.

Flat-Rate Discount

This type of discount offers a flat discount regardless of what you purchase. For example, a coupon could offer a $5 discount. If a customer who makes a $100 purchase presents such a coupon, s/he will get to pay $95. If a customer who made a $10 purchase presents that same coupon, s/he gets to pay $5.

Percentage-Based Discount

This offers a discount based on percentage and not a fixed amount. If for example a coupon offers a 10% discount, the customer who makes a $100 purchase will get a $10 discount while a customer who makes a $10 purchase will get a $1 discount.


With this, you can be offered a gift with a purchase. It could be “buy one, get one free”. It could be “buy a meal, get a glass of beer”. It could basically be anything. It simply seeks to add some extra value to what has already been purchased.

Loyalty Card

This offers points for every purchase made. The points can accumulate to the point where it is enough for a free meal or some other item.

How Can You Find Them?

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Coupons have been around for ages. With the changes occurring around us every day, where these freebies or discount offers can be found have also been changing. Let’s look at a few ways and places where you can get these promotional offers, whether shopping coupons, restaurant coupons or any other kind.

Print Media

This is the traditional way coupons used to be gotten. You can still find a lot of them this way. Subscribing to magazines, newspapers and other print media gives you the opportunity of finding some of them. It may be more efficient to focus on food and restaurant related magazines for restaurant coupons.

Direct Mail

This is another traditional way through which they are sent. Some of them are still sent this way but not as much as before. In this method, you get them via your snail mail. You know all those junk mails you get in your box? Some of them are coupons for one thing or the other.


When restaurants have these promotions, aside from posting them on news prints, mailing them (if they do) or using other methods, they sometimes also have them on location. Customers who walk in are then able to get some of them for future use.


With the changing times, this is easily the most popular way that these coupons are now circulated. There are lots of sites where you can find hundreds or more of them from different restaurants. A lot of these are printable so you can print them right from your computer and go redeem them at the restaurant.

One of the major advantages of this type of coupon is that it offers the customer the ability to choose which coupon they want. Having a coupon for a restaurant that is in a city really far from you does not make much sense. When you search online, you can focus on choosing coupons you can easily redeem.


This is still online but now on your mobile device. There are now apps that help you find different promotional offers at any time. You could be hanging out with friends and just feel like having some pizzas. The app can immediately show you if any pizza seller around you has coupons you can redeem.


Coupons are great money saving tools. If you can find the right restaurant coupon whenever you need a meal, you may find yourself making huge savings on your meals. Take some time today to check out these money saving opportunities.

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