One Month Into Having a School Child: A Quick Update

So it has been well over a month since my first born started school. It hasn’t taken too long to get into the swing of things that’s for sure. He is settling in really well and making lots of friends. I had no doubts that he wouldn’t enjoy it or anything, so I’m pleased to see things going well so far. He is learning lots and I have noticed that in the books he brings home to read with us.

What I have noticed, though, is just how worn out he can be. We have a couple of afternoon club from him, like swimming and tennis, and by the time they are done, he just wants to sit on the sofa in near silence! I like to ask how his day has gone, but I quickly had to learn that he just needs a bit of peace after a busy day. I have known for a while that he is introverted (with his dad and I as his parents, there was no surprise there). So as much as I want him to recall every detail in his day as soon as i see him after school, he isn’t ready for it. I have to wait until he feels a little more rested and then he does tell me all about it. Finally glad that I get more details then when he was at nursery school!


I have found the morning adjustment not as bad as I thought it would be. I needed a bit of a kick up the backside when it came to my morning routine, as I would just roll out of bed when it came to nursery school. So having to have use all ready and dressed by 8.20am, five day of the week, has ben much easier than anticipated. I feel much more energised and generally ready for the day. My mornings have been way more productive as I am ready to go. Rather than having to come back to get ready properly, which was what happened before. I know it is early days, but so far so good with that!

Here is what has helped me with the school run:

Setting Alarms

I am a bit of a faffer when it comes to getting ready on a morning. So I have found that after my wake up alarm, I need one to remind me that it is time to stop what we are doing and set off. If we walk (about a 20 minute walk), then I need more time. I have found having an alarm has helped us to walk more and be on time. Otherwise I just rely on driving and that’s not the best.

Get Everything Ready the Night Before

I like to have breakfast but I need to have things prepared the night before. If they aren’t, then I just don’t have any, which isn’t the best. Having Max’s uniform laid out the night before means I’m not running around like a mad woman inning shirts or trousers. Max can then just get himself dressed too. Prepping the night before certainly has helped to save time (and my sanity).


Two days a week Max has clubs that we go to straight after school. So I have quickly learnt that we need to take snacks with us. Dried fruit or something like a Nakd or Bear Nibbles snack are good little snacks that give a burst of energy, ready for the activity. Otherwise he gets a bit grumpy as we head off to his lesson.

Have you settled back into the school run routine, if you are at that point?


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