One thing about being typically British is talking about the weather. Even when I try not to say something, I just find myself doing it. To the lady at the checkouts, person at the bank, people on the phone. I just can’t help myself.

One other thing about living in Britain, and one thing that I particularly like, is that we get all of the seasons.





And one thing that really grates on me is when people complain about it being too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

Of course it’s cold, it’s winter. And of course it’s hot, it’s summer.

I enjoy that it is evidently spring. You see all the lambs being born and flowers growing. We have a summer – periods of warm weather and picnics with wasps. We always get an autumn when all of the leaves fall. And we always get a winter when basically, it’s cold and wet and there’s Christmas.

Not everywhere gets to see the seasons. One of my sisters lived in Las Vegas for nearly 5 years and they never get cold days. They don’t really get an autumn, as lets face it, it’s a desert. I think we need to count ourselves lucky that we get to see all of the seasons. Plus, they pass so quickly, so when they warm summer  weather is here, don’t complain because it will be rainy and cold autumn and winter before you know it!

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Rebecca x

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