The Secret of a Gorgeous Bathroom? Accessories

Ah bathrooms, mainly forgotten corners of the house that serve the purpose of cleaning ourselves and using the toilet. A well designed bathroom, though, can make you feel like a celebrity. Just think of Will’s bathroom from Will and Grace or Frasier’s bathroom from … well, Frasier… To turn your bathroom all the way up to 11, you don’t need to renovate it and buy a fancy talking toilet, all you need is a few little accessories and then BOOM, your bathroom has exploded under the weight of its class and elegance.

Shell Décor

Shell is quite popular right now, so look out for a shell bathroom set. I don’t mean make your toilet look like a tortoise, but your soap dish, bin, tissue box, soap dispenser etc.; the little accessories that can add a touch of glamour to your bathroom. (White agate makes a nice alternative to shell, but if that’s also not really your thing,  you can just check this list out).


Uniformed Fittings

There are little extras that fit in all over the bathroom like the hand towel rail, wall mirrors, robe hooks, shelving, etc. Make an effort to buy a uniformed set of these extra fittings as it will just take your bathroom up a notch and show guests that you really care and it will also make your bathroom look like a posh hotel.

The Mats

You’ll probably need two mats in your bathroom: the pedestal mat and the bath/shower mat. Don’t get some thin cheap mat as it will just go mouldy and feel barren and scratchy under foot. Get something plush and warming. Putting bare toes on a fluffy mat is like lying on a bed of cotton wool. They also make people feel more comfortable and warmed … just make sure they’re not pink – pink bathrooms are terrifying.


Radiators might not be classed as an accessory, but for the purpose of this article I think there is a strong enough argument to them fulfilling a similar function. Towel radiators are a must, however they aren’t always the best at warming the room, especially in winter where I think an aluminium radiator would work better and you can click here to see their modern designs and learn how they are much more energy efficient. It’s your decision at the end of the day and both options would work very well in any bathroom.


Wicker Storage

I love wicker storage in bathrooms and I don’t know why. Anywhere else in the house and I hate it, but as soon as it’s in the bathroom, I get an immediate sense that I’m abroad in the Maldives or on some Caribbean island and for this reason they work brilliantly in a guest bathroom as they too will get the sense of being somewhere tropical.

The best advice I can give for a bathroom is uniformity. Settle on a specific design that you want and run with it, making sure that everything fits with your theme. Follow this advice and you’re bathroom will sparkle with elegance.


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  • Hi Rebecca, that chrome / matt / gold finish on the kitchen taps look incredible! I really like those. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs. It’s inspired me to spend some more money on our bathroom!