What I’d Like To See On Christmas Morning

I can hardly believe that we are only a couple of weeks away from Christmas Day. Less than two weeks in fact. It is so exciting. I really enjoy this time of year and all of the loveliness that it brings. But there is so much preparation involved with Christmas to make it all run smoothly and have everything in place. But you know what, as cheesy as it sounds, for me it is all about who we are with and the memories that we make. Even if it is giggling at the overcooked turkey or my dad falling asleep on the sofa after lunch!

With children, it really does make Christmas so much more magical. Half the time I am still half-asleep when it comes to them opening their gifts, but their pure joy at opening their gifts and seeing what Father Christmas brought them really is a good wake up call!

So for me, the ultimate thing on Christmas morning is seeing my family smiling and happy and spending time together. Cheesy, but true.


For those of you that know me well will know, I have terrible eyesight! I started wearing glasses on and off since I was twelve, and took to wearing contact lenses full-time when I was fifteen. I still remember that bus journey home from the optician with my contact lenses in for the first time, and the world was so much sharper and clearer; it was amazing. So I haven’t looked back. Thankfully, my new contact lenses from www.FeelGoodContacts.com will see me through Christmas Day and make it possible to see those smiling faces without having to get close and squint! The struggle is real.

I use Acuvue daily contact lenses as I have just found them to be so much better than monthlies. I have had some ulcers and cysts on my eyes before, so dailies are much better for my eyes as they don’t need cleaning (you just throw them away after use), and they keep my eyes from getting dry. So even when I’m putting them in my eyes early on Christmas morning, they don’t irritate my eyes like monthly or fortnightly ones have in the past.


I love having nails done and just generally looking fancy for Christmas. So it was lovely to receive a little parcel from Feel Good Contacts to get me prepped for the big day. Fragrance, nail varnishes, plenty of contacts, bath bombs, and a pot of body glitter – the stuff of dreams!

What do you like to see on Christmas morning? Here are some of the top things that people choose, other than gifts with their children or family:


Christmas Breakfast

The day can rush away with you and before you know it you’re eating your selection pack for breakfast. So I like to have a breakfast after opening some gifts with the children so that the sugar high doesn’t start too early. Eggs and salmon are our go-tos. How about you?

Music or Carols

Christmas music never gets old; I love the timeless nature of it so much. So while we’re opening gifts or prepping things in the kitchen, then hearing some festive tunes is a must. Any version of O Holy Night is a must for me, as well as Sia’s new Christmas album – amazing!

Wear Something Special

It is the one day a year when you can get all fancy, just to stay at home. As a Christian, I do like to have it set aside as a special day, so having a festive dress or jumper on is a must, right? One of the only times that you can. So embrace it and go all out.


I’m all for a classic white Christmas! I don’t think I have had many in my lifetime, except once when we were aboard for Christmas. So waking up to see a fresh layer of snow would be so magical, for me and the children!

If you or a loved one uses contact lenses and want to get some of your own Feel Good Contacts, then use the exclusive discount code, AAUXMAS10 to get 10% off your purchase.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing everything you want to on Christmas morning too.

Rebecca x

*post in collaboration with Feel Good Contacts. All opinions are my own.


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