6 Things To See & Do on a Staycation in Norfolk

Perhaps you’re organising your calendar for the new year and want to incorporate a break with family and friends to somewhere a little different, or maybe you’re on the hunt for the perfect winter getaway? Well, look no further than the county of Norfolk, set within East Anglia, bordering Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Staycations are on the rise in popularity and are undoubtably one of the best and easiest ways to gather big groups together for a fun packed time. Most importantly, staying local means you’re being inclusive, providing everyone you love with the opportunity to get on the holiday bandwagon without having to spend excessive cash on flights.

So, why Norfolk? Whether your ideal is a walk along the beach enjoying an incredible sunset, getting up close and personal with nature’s finest wildlife, or fantastic cuisine; Norfolk has something for everyone.



Wild life:

The seals in Norfolk are truly one of the county’s most special sights to see.  Without any doubt, it is an incredible wow factor and one that you must see when in Norfolk. Whether you come to see them with their seal pups in the winter months, or watch them basking in the sun in the summer months, this spectacle in Norfolk is an all year round activity to enjoy.

Glorious Beaches:

Perhaps you’d rather take a scenic walk along the rugged coastline. England has many stunning beaches, caves and coves that are fairly undiscovered. From sandy beaches to dramatic views, you won’t be disappointed with Norfolk’s beaches. The kids will love paddling in sea, crabbing in the rock pools, and making sandcastles on the golden bays.

Water Sports:

Norfolk isn’t historically known to be a surfer’s paradise but over the years The North Sea is fast becoming a haven for die-hard surfers. The waves are less frequent than down south, but when they come the car parks around the good breaks in Norfolk soon fill up and the dedicated surfing fraternity hits the water. So, why not hit the waves yourself? Wipe the cobwebs off the wetsuit and immerse yourself in the euphoric surf. If you’re an amateur, a surfing lesson might be perfect to get you started.


Activities for the Adventurers:

There is a variety of activities to participate in on and around the beach; from paddle boarding and canoeing to kitesurfing and paragliding. Wherever you decide to go, fresh fish n chips by the sea is a must.


In the evening enjoy the comfort of one of the many cosy Norfolk Cottages with the ones you hold dear. Maybe take a step outside to enjoy night-time Norfolk. Immerse yourselves into the bustling life of the local villages; visit a local pub or a live concert at the theatre for a great nights entertainment.

Wine and Dine:

If you want to say you’ve truly eaten Norfolk food, there are plenty of readily available ingredients ready to tantalise your tastebuds. From crab to cockles, to muscles, if you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll be in heaven. Also famous for their thirst-quenching ale and whiskey distilleries, that are open for you to explore.

Have you ever been  to the Norfolk Broads before? Would love to hear what you think?

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