Seeing Prague in Style: Two For Joy & Jewellerybox Review

If you follow on my Instagram, you will have seen that this past weekend I was lucky enough to have a long weekend in Prague. It is a city (and the Czech Republic itself) that I had never been to before and was really looking forward to visiting. Plus, we had the added luxury of having a child-free weekend, so it meant plenty of dining out for two. So I had to be going out in style, right?

One of the first pieces that I packed was a lush jumpsuit from Two For Joy. It is something that I would never normally wear, so I was really stepping out of my comfort zone with. But I’m glad I did. It was one of the comfiest pieces of clothing, ever!


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One of the best things about the jumpsuit is that it is an ‘any-way’ jumpsuit. Meaning that you can adjust the sleeves and the top of the jumpsuit to various different styles. Basically, you wear it is a boob tube, and then you can drape the sleeves, tie around your waist, make into a halter neck… the options are quite endless. I for one hat my arms, though. So for me, making a wrap style sleeve, with some back exposed, was my method of choice. The material is soft and totally flexible, though, so it is easy to adjust and have it sit as you want it to.

The ultimate test when thinking about holiday clothes is if it will fit in a suitcase and how much it creases up, right? Well, I’m pleased to report that it folds up very small, despite being made up of quite a lot of material, as well as not creasing. Like, at all. This was me wearing it straight out of my case! I was very impressed.


The only thing I wasn’t as keen on was the super wide legs as I wore flats. With heels, though, I think it would look much nicer. I found that the jumpsuit stayed in place and didn’t ride up when I walked. Really pleased with it and the quality of it. As for the fit, I went a size up than I normally wear, as I would rather it be a little baggy. I don’t think I needed to necessarily, so it just depends on the fit that you want.

For £70, it is a staple piece for a capsule wardrobe and completely worth it for its quality and versatility.


Since having children I have been a bit forgetful with jewellery, if I’m honest. I used to wear quite a lot, but got out of the habit a bit when my kids were particularly young. Too many pulled out earrings and chewed necklaces! But now I’m past that point with my two, I have been looking out for more and more pretty pieces of jewellery to wear.

I was sent two pieces from Jewellerybox recently to try out; a necklace and an ear cuff. I thought they’d be perfect to take on holiday and wear of an evening. I have a distinct lack of pretty necklaces, rather than chunky costume versions, and I have been pondering about getting the conch piercing for a while. I’m pretty sure I never will, but trying it out with an ear cuff and no pain, is good enough for me!


Shop the Necklace


Shop the Ear Cuff

I went for sterling silver as it is my preferred metal, but the website has so much choice, it was hard to choose from! The quality of the jewellery is really good, and there have been no green marks left on my neck or ear as I have had from cheaper jewellery in the past. Both pieces are delicate and quite lightweight, but still quite sturdy, if that makes any sense? I’m really pleased with them.

Have you heard of these brands before? I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Rebecca x*the items were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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